Saturday, May 22, 2010

Of Book Stores, and Cute Guys. =]

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So today i visited the bookstore [my favorite place on earth.] And yeah i was randomly picking up books and walking to the sofa to sit and read them. And after about an hour and a half i decided on Cecelia Ahern's "Where Rainbows End". Now why am i telling you all this? Lets see. 


So i was sitting on the couch and reading a random book i picked up and this guy walked into the store. He looked about 20 something! I guess. And he had this really cute face. [Eye candy] Yeah, and I decided not to care and continued reading. I so didnt want to end up staring at him. Bleh! Haha. So yeah i innocently continued reading. And i felt something looking at me. Yeah, seriously, you can sense when someone is looking at you.

So i looked up and happened to see that guy looking at me. Oh wait, looking isnt the right word, its more of staring. *blush* and then i continued reading. And i was kinda disliking the book honestly, i couldn't even concentrate, all i was thinking about was, is he still staring? yeah!

And then I walked to place the book back on the shelf. And went to the "Indian Fiction" corner. And i was browsing to see if anything interested me! And i wasnt in a mood for any of those books so i walked back to the couch and decided to start "Where Rainbows End" before buying it! And i was reading..when this guy walked up to me. And he was like "Hey!" and i was like "Ermm..hey!"

I couldnt believe he was talking to me. And then this is how the conversation went.

Him: wassup?
Me: Nothing really, just reading! haha
Him: Ermm..So do you know where i can buy guitars anywhere here?
Me: Ermm..not really, i mean there probably must be a few shops close by but im not aware! Sorry!
Him: oh that okay, And do you know anywhere close by where they coach?
Me: yeah, further down, there's this place called "PlaceX" where they do have guitar coaching
Him: Oh lovely, thanks! I actually wanted to buy a guitar today. I thought you get them here!
Me: Ermm...okay! Oh, you dont! :)
Him: Hmm...So whats your name?
Me: Er...Sonaksha
Him: Oh, im Sahil
Me: oh, cool, Nice to meet ya!
Him: yeah, totally. Btw, may i say you look gorgeous. The colour black compliments your fair complexion extremely well. I couldn't stop staring at you. Your extremely pretty!
Me: *Blushes* Oh...errmmm...Thanks a ton! [yeah i was wearing a black tee and jeans!]
Him: Errr...yeah!
Me: Hmmmm....
He: *kept staring at me*
Me: Ermm..Okie, cya later, gotta go! I've been here already for about more than an hour!
Him: oh, okaaay.. *has the disappointed look on the face*, catch you some other time.
Me: Yeah, tada!
Him: Yeah, where?
Me: Where, what?
Him: Where'll i see ya?
Me: I dunno!
Him: Ermmm....okay!
Me: Yeah! 
Him: *Gazes at me lovingly as i walk away*  
Me: *Feels shy about the whole thing*

And as i walk out of the store, i see him staring at me. And i walked on the road waiting for an auto. And i saw him gaze at me till when he could. Not that *dirty* kinda gaze, but that *loving, friendly* gaze. Maybe not friendly but yeah! So well was an experience of a lifetime! :) Interesting. Very Interesting! Maybe, I might meet him again, Maybe i won't. Haha. Lets see. Im gonna call him the "BookShopCutie" 

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  1. Awwwww... this was interesting. :)))))

  2. Awwwww...things dat "usually" keep happenin to me is naw happenin to yu too...?!
    Oh mah gAwd..Cant bliv awl dat happened to yu! :)
    Sho hAppi foh yu...! ^_^
    Btw, next tym yu meet him..tell him there's an awsum guitar store straight ahead ov Baldwin's college 'n prior to MG. Road..! [dun dissapoint him nxt tym!..Carry a B'lore guide foh help! ;)]

  3. Hahaha, funny and cute :D
    Things like this happen to me in a CREEPIER way, with creepy guys instead of very cute ones =\

  4. now isn't that super-cute :D
    n why didn't u guys exchange numbers?

  5. RE:

    Yeah, the award has come out, but I placed it in another blog page. If you see the navigation bar, it's on the "Awards and Recognitions" page over here. [LINK] ;)

  6. Shona,

    Enjoyed reading this frank confession. But do be careful.

    Take care

  7. This is so awwww......

    I woulda loved to see the guy ask you out!

  8. You should have given him your number!


  9. awwww!! so cute! i wish i could experience that as well!!

    btw..i love bookstores as well ^_^

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  10. Cute!
    Hope you get lucky with the guy!

  11. You're an ass! You should have given him your number or something!
    Well i do hope you bump into him again :)

  12. @Chocolover: HAHA thanks su, i know. IT WAS.

  13. @Trysh!! OMG. hahahah. i know, dudddeee!! Cant believe this happened to me either! :P MANNN!! lol. Yeah, will tell! :P

  14. @Koo: Oooow! LOL. poor you, im gladdd it happened to me in a CUTE WAY! :p

  15. @Blunt edges: Nummbers? Hmmphh, stupid me! :P LOL. i dunno why!

  16. @Cinderella: HAHA, but we'd just met! :P LOL.

  17. @London Girl: I should have?

  18. @Zave: Hmmmm...LETS SEE! i dun even know what he's like! :P

  19. @K-ay: i am an ass! FOR SURE. haha about the number...maybe maybe not! LETS SEE! :p

  20. Thanks for your comment. glad you like my space,you got a pretty blog. just like you. ;)
    DO drop by again! Thanks for following :D

  21. RE@sonshu: does your friend have a blog..? we might click together!

  22. aww that's so sweet!
    haha , you shuld've atleast shared ur Twitter or FB !
    Hehe ;)

  23. @Juhi: HAHA, im reading! :P

  24. @Far: hahah, i should have farz! :P but i didnt! :P lol
    but what if he was dangerous :P lol