Friday, May 28, 2010

Me The Saviour Of Existence =]

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Last night i dreamt.
I dreamt of fairies being bad
And witches turning good
I dreamt of houses being tiny like the size of  a normal person
And people being extra huge
I dreamt of skies being green
And the grass going red
I dreamt of myself having the power to fly
I dreamt of vampires existing amongst humans
I dreamt that no one harmed anyone
I dreamt that peace was a forever boon 
I dreamt that we could travel through bridges to our other home Mars
I dreamt that we all ate only grass
I dreamt that suddenly we all fell into a trap
And then we were being ruled by a tyrant
And we were slaves
And that we all sat all day neat-ening his overly large moustache
I dreamt that that land was filled with blackness
And we were deprived of grass to eat there
We had to eat animals like wolves and lions
And we all decided to fight the tyrant
We launched our battle
And we won
We were free but stuck in this land forever
And then I fly around and touch the ceiling and poke a hollow place
I can see sunshine
Then i made a hole
And flew outside and then destroyed the whole upper layer
Everyone climbed outside with the large ladder a magician had created
And everyone lived happily ever after

Yeah i had the longest dream i've ever had last night. It was so unbelievable, i usually dream of white gowns and horses, and forests! But this was, wow. So i had to tell ya about it. And yeah i woke up too late. Im sure my "visual" dream extended for a Laawwwwng time! :)

Sonshu <3


  1. You are the most vivid dreamer I've ever heard of.
    By the way, you are sure you are not hallucinating?
    Seems like it!
    Well written.

  2. Dreams!

    When one starts putting them in words they come closer to reality.

  3. Its beautiful.. I hardly have this feeling as if i have written or felt what writer's work is.. beautiful crafted..

  4. Your dream sounds REALLY interesting and ironic in many ways but i like the poem, and your fairytale world seems really nice. :)

  5. your very imaginative..your dream tells me's fantastic and creative!!:D

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  6. nice blog!!
    loved ur 'ex-best frnds' poetry!
    could very well relate to that!

  7. Shona,

    I could not take my eyes off till I reached the end. What a beautiful way to tell a wishful dream. This shows you care for others.

    Take care