Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ex-Best Friends. =]

You laughed with me
And cried when i was sad
You told me i was crazy
And thats why you loved me
You were always there by my side

We talked on the phone hour after hour
Long bills coming home
We became so close 
So inseparable 
We hugged each other 
And cared not if people laughed

We walked together
Every step
Completed each others sentences,
We teased each other
And had so much fun
Every minute together
seemed like a memory forever

But then as soon as school was over
We didnt see each other any more
No hours of talking on the phone
And we hardly ever spoke

Those memories we shared
Will forever remain with me
The best friends that we were
Was one of the best things that happened to me

We said we'd remain friends forever
But the promise was broken
Though we arent close anymore
Hardly even friends
I still miss you
But i'll always love you no matter what
And however far we may get
I will never forget who you were to me
And for that
I do love you forever

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Sometimes we make a million promises to each other, to remain close forever, and to remain BFF's! But hardly ever these work. I believed it would work. That i would remain close to my School BFF forever. But its hardly been two months and we already never talk to each other. We're just busy with our own life, and "school" was what brought us close, the seeing each other everyday. Now thats not there so we've grown apart! I do miss her, but maybe it was never meant to be. :( Sometimes we've gotta accept life the way it is. No matter we are just "Facebook friends" now and hardly meet, talk on the phone, or chat she still was a precious part of my life. And memories that i had with her, will forever remain etched in my heart. 

Sonshu <3


  1. My bffs aren't even friends with me anymore. Sometimes you think you know somebody so well after a decade of friendship, but they go ahead and stab you in the back. Settle for their own designs.

    I like to believe I have moved on, but in the retrospect who the hell ever moves on??

  2. Awwwwwwww.. i lways felt the same way too, that no matter what i just have to stay in touch with them and i am right now, so i'm happy about that, but hope you still remain friends with your friends too, and the memories are always there. :)
    And you can even make more friends, that would be nice, :)
    Love the poem. :D

    ANd by the way, LOVE the new template, suits the header perfectly. :)

  3. we all have been there...it happens with almost all friendships n i guess all we can do is remember n cherish the good moments! :)

  4. ummm... blunt edges is right. we've all been through this. it sucks, but it is the bitter truth!

  5. Happens. Sad when remembered. Yet life goes on ....

  6. True.Very beautifully expressed.:)

    When I meet my school-friends during holidays...its like we are rewound back in time...really.But when back to college...we hardly ever talk,hardly are up-to-date about each other.

    Its like a switch.Friends when together.Strangers when apart. :)

  7. aww..i wish i could have a best friend like that..but it's sad..when those things happen to a great friendship..:/

  8. Very true.
    I've suffered this trauma of betrayal, if I might call it so, like so many others.
    And it always seems so incorrect and hurtful, even though its us who are to be blamed.
    So many memories came flooding back while I read your verse.

  9. lol..life sometimes see so cruel..ur writings just seem to be my feelings too...

    by the way it would be great if u take some time and visit my blog too..

  10. Shona,

    I always say life is like a flowing river and just like the river we meet so many bends, ghats and other rivelets who joins us or we join them till we reach our final destination. We meet so many persons with whom we develop close ties during the time we are together but later due to our own commitments we drift apart. It is best to keep fond memories and forget the sad ones. One thing is sure when we meet after ages we still find bond existing, may be little weak by then.

    Take care

  11. beautiful
    school memories and frnds are always remembered

  12. @all : thanks for all your comments and "stuff you said on the topic"
    i kinda realised that i wasnt the only one who went thru this!
    yeah...lets see what happens further! :)

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