Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can You Choose Them?

Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us ~ Oscar Wilde
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Memories are a part of one's life, Its something we take with us forever. 
They can be painful like a broken heart or even memorably exciting like the time you went out and freaked with your friends. 
How do you store your memories? And how do you make the painful ones fade away? Maybe we just can't choose. Maybe memories just come along....You don't choose which ones you want. What do you think?
Our memories are independent of our wills ~Richard Brinsley Sheridan


  1. Memories are inevitably stored in auto-mode whether good or bad ones. We have no choice at that.

    However, we have a choice to remember only the good ones over the bad ones. We also have a choice to turn the bad ones into lessons that can turn us into happier beings.

    Take it from me, I've been there, done it and SURVIVED!

  2. well....we often reminisce when something or someone triggers us to remember those long forgotten memories esp. the sad or hurtful one..:)

    nice post..^_^

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  3. the line by Oscar Wilde is so true! we take our memories with us, they almost make us who we are. I think they come second after experiences.

    I think with painful memories you have to learn to embrace them, accept that they are a part of you.

    Beautiful post!

  4. Shona,

    Read 2 posts now. Had I got that package, I would have gone all out to find the sender and reciprocate. As soon as I have sad memories flooding my mind, I make a concerted effort to change tracks. Even by praying in my mind. Memories never fade away, it is upto us to remember pleasant ones and keep sad ones at bay.

    Take care

  5. Your template rocks :)
    How are the holidays? Bored yet?

  6. @Wenny, Jack, Smiley, Ayu : Oh thanks!: ) Ive finally understood somestuff!: P hehe. Your replies did help me! :P haha

    GreAt! Thanksee!

    @Juhi: Erm..NOPE!: p hahaha!!:P YOU?

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