Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tomorrow in Our Hands

Photography Graphics

Photography Graphics

What if we knew what "Tomorrow" had in store for us? Would it change the way we would do things?
What if we knew the mistakes we would make, would we try and not make those mistakes?
But what if we knew about a surprise a friend had planned for us? It would change the way we react to it right?
What if we could only know what we wanted to know about "Tomorrow"? Can that happen?
What if we had a second chance to make those things right? 

<3 love

P.S (Very Important) : I've been working on another blog for few days and its finally done. Go check it out. 

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  2. That's a really nice thought.. tomorrow is the most important aspect of our lives... :)

    Just checking out your new blog!! :D

  3. i love the pictures and they are so nice..your thoughts is good too..but i prefer not to know what will tomorrow brings :P

    (ps. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  4. @vin: Ow okieee!! :) ehehhe!! :) Will check em!! :) thanks!!

  5. @Choco: Aaawww...thanks!!: )

  6. Hey, let tomorrow be suspense. Otherwise life will be sooooo boring!

    Love your posts. Will be following your blog. Keep posting.

  7. @Hardhad Mehta: thats there, but probably we would not make mistakes!! thanks for following!!: )