Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunlight, Gramps, Weyuurrd!! ....Ooh Thats It!!

[ I love the sunlight.]

I'm seriously writing this post because i feel the need to blog. Blogging somehow makes my life brighter. But i have absolutely no idea what i'm going to right. Maybe I'll just randomly rant and rave or something.

I'm so waiting to go back home, Oh yes I'm at my cousins place.

I sit here in the garden staring at the lush green grass and looking at the beautiful sunlight. Its rays lightly touching my skin and making the flowers bloom. Ah. Bliss. Picturesque.

And well today my grampy's came. Well not exactly direct grandparents. But of that sort. So they came here to aunts place. And well they were so over joyed to see me. Hehe. They pulled my cheeks off. I swear. I like grandparents and stuff. But one thing i may so not like is their constant advising. They seem to want to tell you this is wrong and that is wrong. I know I'm being mean to them by saying this but then sometimes it totally gets on your nerves.

Them: So you know to speak tamil and kannada? (Well becoz i'm a tamilian and i live in bangalore)
Me: Well we usually speak english or something so i sorta kno tamil and i know to read and write kannada and i manage to speak.
Them: Means you don't know that well?
Me: Not really, Im not like a punt (Expert) In it.
Them: Thats bad! You should know your mother tongue and the language of the place you stay in
Me: I know it, just not that well.
Them: Bad!!
Me: Hmph...Fine! I'm going upstairs now to read gramps!
Them: Okay *grinning*
Me: *Grins back artificially*

I mean yeah they're my grandparents, of sort. But. Whatever. Sometimes its annoying.

Them: So your eating ice cream?
Me: Um..Yeah, I have summer hols..
Them: Icecreams are bad for your teeth.
Me: What? Oh, I know its not like I'm eating all day na?
Them: But still!
Me: Hmph....*Walks off* And smiles also! (fake one)

And yeah, My vacations are so not going as i'd planned for it. And thats like so depressing. *Sigh* All I've done is sat and read books. I mean its not like im cribbing that i read or whatever, but sitting all day and reading book after book is pretty pissing off. And well I am so not going out naw. I mean i went on The first few days but since saturday I've been rotting here (literally, lol). And I might just vanish into thin air or something due to boredom killing me. I seem to be so so so damn funny, don't i? I consider that i am a very humourous person. Unintentionally. And you better agree with me. Or i will make you vanish into thin air too. lol.

Now, Im so much habituated to waking up at 7am, getting ready, wearing that oh-so-i-dont-like-uniform, and then going to school in that lovely auto and seeing my friends every dear day and yeah so on, Now, I am missing all of it, maybe i used to crib before but now i really want that back, but i shua will never get it, cuz school life is over, and I tell you I suck at moving on. When my section got changed in the beginning of this year you know how much time it took for me to get adapted to the new class. Well i just get attached to things to fast and its darn tough for me to move on, i hate changes.

Oh, btw, i am like so happy!! :P heheh! Yaaay okay well i got soo many awards recently! I've added them all in my showcase (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see my lovely award filled shelf [i am not showing off] Yeah! ) Thanks to Leona, Raji, and Tharangi. [I know Im lazy and all, that i didnt upload the pics here and all, I'll do it. Im sorry] But my heartfelt thanks to three of you!! Love you muaaahz!! I totally loveeee awards! They bring a smile on my face! :P


Isn't the space bar an awesome creation. What would we do without it? Seriously.  

And now another thought. How come i get struck with such random thoughts. How come? It is so weyuurd. I am so random, I even decide to post all this stuff. Like I'm so bleh.

So the movies I've watched since March 31st. 

1. Prom Night [Aweesum Thriller]
2. Nancy Drew [Cool movie!! me likey]
3. Just Married [ I've watched it before, but well yeah, its cute!]
Books I've read since March 31st:

1. Confessions of an ex-girlfriend 
2. Vampire Diaries- 1 - The Awakening
3. Chicken Soup For the Teenage Soul.

Naw, I am going. I have blabbered enough. I was weyuuurd right. Oh wait. I am weyuurd. 

[Naw, this is really nice, aint it? Credits to whomever did this! Totally aweeesome!!]

♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥


  1. The pic is too nice Shona.....Do visit my space...

  2. LOLLL. Totally understand and can connect to the whole grandparents thing! They're so concerned about everything :P
    But it's for your good ~_~

  3. Haha. I can bet u r gonna say the same things when u reach their age! Hehe. I know its kinda annoying sometimes but *sigh* its their way of caring.
    Btw do visit my 'scribblings' sometimes. Kinda like urs

  4. love the look of your blog!!! :3

    and the picture is so cool!!!

    "Blogging somehow makes my life brighter."

    i really agree with this..:3
    keep blogging!!

    check out my latest post if you're ain't busy~ :3

  5. Oh I know what you mean about blogging making your day brighter. Sometimes you just feel as though you have to do it. I love that image at the top by the way.

  6. Nice look! :)
    it just seems right.. :)

  7. LOL@ the grandparents conversations. I find it cute how they are so concerned about everything and anything. Let them look after you eh, afterall grandparents are special :)

    PS: i like the colour of your new background :)

  8. That's a really looong post, haha! The images are nice.

    I wanna read Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul so badly.

  9. While we are mentioning books here ,do try and read chicken soup for the soul,Good night and god bless,Spoonful of rice.

    Well blogging is about being spontaneous ! like the post :))

  10. Shona,

    With this colour combination of background and font I could not properly read anything. Giving this comment was just a hit & trial on what I thought is to navigate for giving comments. Please look into this.

    Take care

  11. @Koo: yeep i know, they care, thats it! heheh!

  12. @freelancer: ahhaha m, I wont ever say that stuff!! and ye shuaaa will visit your blog!! :P

  13. @ayu: thaaaankkku!! :) :) muaaahz! heheh! yea will check it ouuut!! :P :P

  14. @Chloe: Exactly!! :) you sometimes just have to do it!

  15. @Smiley: I know LOL! :P Yeaa they are pure concerned ;)

  16. @Leona: Yup! :) Hehe and yea its an aweeesum book! and thanks!

  17. @Vintage: Oooow shua will try that! :)