Thursday, April 29, 2010

Over the Mountains And Beneath the Oceans

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I look through my window and see the horizon
Smiling I get ready for a journey of a lifetime
And then I take off 
As I pass by I Look at the shimmering water
Its so clear that I can see myself
Then I pass over the mountains
Oh dear you are no trouble to me
No matter how high I manage to pass by
Oh you make me shiver
Mountain dear!
Then I look at the vast oceans below
And dive deep into it
Fishes looking at me
Golden, Green and Yellow
Its the prettiest sight I have ever seen!
And then I come back up
Now I fly oh so high 
And reach the sky
Birds pass by and wave at me
Oh how delightful it is
I never want to go back 
To life now
Where everything seems nice,
But it is so not!
This journey of a lifetime will remain the best thing
That has ever happened to me!
After all whats better
Than Mountains and Oceans! :)

Sonshu! :)


  1. Wonderful poem, Sonshu. :) I enjoyed reading this. Makes me want to go on an adventure. I've been stuck at home all month long. The only adventure I've had is self-publishing--and, let's face it, that isn't the funnest thing in the world. lol. :D

  2. Shona,

    The DAY we can know about TOMORROW, it will the end of the world as everyone will try to avoid what is in store for each. So let the future be a mystery. Journey of Lifetime, is just too beautiful to be read again and again. Keep it up.

    Take care

    PS : Will visit your other site after this.

  3. @Judd: Oh thanks judd, yeah it shua is!! i hope you get to go on your adventure! :P lol!

  4. @Jack: Hmm..thinking about it!! :P

    and thanks!! :) :)

  5. beautiful thought! :D
    I really like this poem, it's all serene and nice and gives a really happy vibration.
    well done!! :)

  6. Sorry, it's been awhile since I popped in. I like this poem. It's beautiful and reflects your maturity.

    I also like the new layout. Very very different but nice!

  7. wonderful imagination takes me to the places..really really wonderful ^_^

    (ps. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  8. well written , it definitely reflects you higher level of thinking ,i likes :)

  9. I like the way you write,Beautiful!
    You have lovely blog, love it :)

    Short Poems

  10. @Marineli: Aw, thanks! :) I am glad you liked it!! :) hehe