Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Matter How Hard We Try, Somethings Can't be Understood!

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket!

People say,  "Money doesn't grow on trees!" Then why in the world do banks have branches!

Glue, Doesn't stick to its bottle! Though its supposed to stick to everything!

A pizza which is oh-so-round comes in a square shaped box...

And Why is it that a building is called a "building" when its already been built!

Loads of Boards say "Don't Drink and Drive" But then why do bars have parking lots?

You say i hate you to your best friend, and are hugging her the next minute! A Hate you means a Love you! 

You smile at him, but inwardly you just wanna curse him!

You say, I'll be right back! But you just go off, Because that conversation was going no where!

You tell him you don't want gifts, That means "Oh baby, show me all the love, I love gifts you give me, i love being pampered!"

No matter how hard we try, we can't understand why things are like this. We, humans live in this huge world, huge funny not understandable world!

Cheers to the Human Race, Cheers to our world! We are the complicated Species~ Homo Sapiens

We rock! We rock our world! Keep Smiling and think about this!!! :) :)

Sonshu! ~ A Homo Sapien


  1. As a homo sapien, you've done a pretty good job of understanding homo sapiens... :)
    We are all amazing creatures,and your facts are all great... :)

  2. @Chocolatelover: Heheh!! thanks!! :) Yeaa took a pretty good time for me to understand them! or rather us! :P lol!

  3. yes the most complicated thing in the universe human brains ,,, nice post

  4. @Nitwit: Hahha!! yeah! I figured it out sometime back!! thanks!! :) :)

  5. @Aayushi: Thanks!! :) For both! :P

  6. Lol :)
    Loved the post!!
    Your profile pik is amazing :D

  7. the world is a strange place. The 'Ill be right back' reminded me of how sometimes i say brb when im online but don't return, i get carried away :P
    Nice post!
    Love the image btw :)

  8. @Wink: Thank Yew Juhi!! <3 Heheh!!

  9. @Smiley: Exactly i thot of putting that example up too!! :P See!! Weirrrrd WORLD!! :p