Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Promise. I Will Be Me. Forever and Always.

I may be crazy
I may have sudden laughter riots
I probably dance like I am high at times
And sometimes i dance even to a little beat
And maybe I cry about silly things
I may be a shopaholic
And take a million pictures
I probably act like a kid
And jump up for little even a little happiness
Maybe i facebook too much
And am forever tweeting
I sing songs out loud though i can't sing too well
I smile at random people
And wave hands at kids I don't even know
I walk on the road jumping around ,
Singing and dancing to the song I am listening to on my I-pod
Maybe I love books more than everything.
But this is just me
If you have a problem,
Then go away.
I promise one thing
I will be Me.
Forever and Always
No matter what.
or whom.

Lots of Love
Sonshu *_*


  1. Shona,

    One needs to be loved for what he or she is, of course not gross or egoist or adamant. Each one of us have own traits and we should not try to change those just to please someone. I read following couplet long ago :

    If I am I because I am I,
    And you are you because you are you,
    Then we are.
    But if I am I because you are you and you are you because I am I then we are not.

    Take care

  2. your total fun i say :) keep it up:)

  3. i love this..and we love you as you are..keep rocking!! :D

    (ps. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  4. And sometimes, being yourself is all you really need to be.

  5. Aww, Sonshu, this is beautiful :)
    We need to love ourselves first before anything.
    Love the pictures.
    Stay smiling! :D

  6. @Jack: WOW! that was well said!! thanku jack!!! :) :) That was lovely!! :)

  7. Great one :) Loved it!
    How have you been? I was out camping. Just got back :)

  8. @ayu: hahah!! aawww, thanks!! :) will do!

  9. @Smiley: thanks!! :) :) :) I know!!! :) yeah me too loves the pics thats why i used em

  10. @Wink: OMG! Camping? Cool!! sounds fun!! yaayss....ive been sorta good! :P