Sunday, April 11, 2010

Humans! Aaargh. Blaah!


Why do i even have best friends for humans? Maybe i should take to keeping teddies, stuffed toys, and the grass, the walls, and everything else not alive. All non living things. They listen, they dont tell you hateful stuff, they wont ignore you [they listen all right, they are good listeners, bad speakers!]

I've decided. I hate human beings. They are overly yuck, stupid, nonsense, hateful, hate-able people who only annoy you. *

*Humans here referring to those people in particular who i currently hate. [Only one person actually,

I am reading this totally gripping book. Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup. its amaaazing! Its some murder mystery! Seems wow. It was so good i got done with about 54 pages in 15 minutes.

But thats like my saviour. When i read, i forget the hate. The yuck humans.

Sorry for the hateful post. Its just some annoying creatures sometimes. They like get on your nerves. Sorry.

Just get lost
Go away to some other place
Leave me alone
I dont want to know you any more
Oh go away,
I Hate you so much. 

Sometimes i wish all these people who make your day bad, who spoil your mood, who are a main cause for this huge bubble of hate to be formed all around you, they vanish away. Can't they go. I want them to go. Shoo! Get lost you yuckos!!
Sorry again. I'm miffed.

Before i say anything more.

Love you.

♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥


  1. Hey!!
    What happened to you?
    Chill !! You'll be fine :) Yell or listen to rock songs and you'll feel relaxed :)
    Take Care!! ♥♥

  2. Just relax and think that three are many other "humans" who are totally great! :) :)

  3. it seems someone make u unhappy
    don't bother about the people who makes u sad
    just care for that person who always make u happy
    and just remember one thing
    everything happens happen for good

  4. @All: Right!! I guess my head was heated up!! :P lol! Im okay naaw! thanks!

  5. i was right .......u did hav a fight!!

  6. Shona,

    I tried again today by clicking and scrolling down. The background turned white with light blue lettering and I found it staining to read. I will definitely like to read your posts, so please do something soo.

    Take care

  7. Oh, don't mind those people. They're not worth your time. You're too busy being amazing ;)

  8. @Nili: Blueee mother!! you are wrong madam!! Ms walunjkar!! He and i didnt fight

  9. @Disguise: Umm..yeaa I gotta RELAX! tough :P

  10. @Jack: Umm...i have no idea!! Why its happening!! :( Aaww!! Ill try doing somethin

  11. @Leona: Ya i kno!! Yaay me!! :) ThankU!! :)