Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book Review(s)!!

Vampire Diaries : The Awakening (L. J. Smith) :-"Twilight" is so bloody similar to this!! The Stefan guy and The Elena plot is somewhat similar!! And the Damon guy kinda is like Jacob kabab mein haddi types! But well I've read only the first part entirely and its a thoroughly entertaining amazing book! I loved it! After all I am so a Vampire Fan

Definitely Catch it!

Be My Baby Tonight (Kasey Michaels): I didnt know what to expect of the book with the weird title and all that. But its more like a "Wow-able" thing that two school buddies meet up one day after a long gap of many years and then they go to Las Vegas, are totally attracted to each other and ahem ahem! Well all through i really didnt know what to expect, and well what was going to happen it was little weird and different. But then its kinda nice and its a fun read. If your bored and have nothing else to read then sure read it! Its a fun thing! :P

Umm, this one's...Your choice!

Six Suspects (Vikas Swarup- Author of Q & A!) : Gripping, Thriller, amazing, wow, awesum, lovely, never could i have guessed the killer! Must read! If i say more I might reveal the murderer! :P LOL

Isn't it obvious Catch it , Better Catch it!

Sugar Secrets (The first four books): I've always wanted to read this thing Cuz i loved the Sweet Valley High series and this was similar. Yeah its those high school books! Its a nice read for teens mainly! And its all love, drama, envy, this and that! Surely read it on if you love the high school teens and their drama!

Definitely a catch it for teens!

The Damsel in this Dress (Marianne Stillings) : Okay seriously this book took me off to somewhere! I never had such expectations. I thought it would be ordinary. But it was AMAZING. Well its a totally romantic thing but also has murder and detectives and all. How two people who hate each other fall in love without knowing they fell in love with the person they hated, and then this crazy stalker person! Oh, wow, i just couldnt put it down, i read...and read and read...finished the whole thing in 2 hours!!: ):) Only 372 pages! 

Obviously a Must Catch it!

Chicken Soup for the Teenagers Soul 
Chicken Soup for the Teenagers Soul on Love and Friendship : Oh i loved it. The stories are brilliant and so realistic. You actually experience this stuff! Real! Wow! Loved it! Loveeed both the books!!

Catch it shuaaaly! For both!

♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥


  1. Um, i've read Vampire diaries, i'm on the 5th one, and it's pretty awesome actually! I completely loveeee it!!
    But you nkpow what? You should watch the episodes, they're just so aweosme and muvch much better than the book even, they're amazing, and when you do that, you'll just LOVEEEEE Damon!!! :D

    ANd i'll try to read the rest too, thanks for the advice! :)

  2. Shona,

    Thanks a million. I could read with ease now as you seem to have changed the setting. Good review of books. Keep reading and letting us know.

    Take care

    PS : Looking for your views in my space.

  3. "...totally attracted to each other and ahem ahem!" LOL! you are too cute!

    Im defo reading that ;]

  4. thanks for the reviews..might as well find them ;)

    (ps. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  5. @Choco: Oh will shuaaa watch it!! :P eheheh Welcum!! anytime!

  6. @Jack: Thankd Gawwd!! :) Hhehehe!! Glad!!

  7. @Smiley: yeaa do read it! Its brilliant!! hehe thank yew!

  8. Oh wow, you have so many books. I'm envious, haha!

    Currently I'm reading Light at Dusk, and so far it isn't all that interesting (despite the intriguing title and book cover).