Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You’re My Best Friend


Its 11 pm, 
I'm sitting in the corner of my bed
Wondering what to do,
Then I see my phone buzzing
With your name on it...

You texted me saying, "Hello"
And I replied
And on and on we went till 3 am
You told me
How much I made you smile
You told me about times when I was there
And how I was,
Your best friend..

You say "Hi" to me
And giggle and walk away
Staring at me from the corner of your eyes
On the way to the classroom
You come and sit right next to me
As I sit and stare at you...

You look at me
In that way like no one does
And then I smile and feel like laughing
Oh how, shall I tell you now
How much I love you,
How much I need you,
How much you mean to me...

You come home
Just to tell me
That your phone is broken,
You call me up
Just to inform me,
You’re coming to give my notes

You knock on the door,
I run to the mirror
To see if I'm okay
And then I rush to open the door 
And see your smiling face
And then I tell you 
How much I love you
How much I need You 
And how much you mean to me...
And you,
Just stare at me
Not knowing what to say
Then you,
Just look right into my eyes
And tell me....
“Oh, I love you too"

[Pictures: Deviant Art]

Lots of Love
♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥


  1. this piece so soo aww:)
    Not so nice for a single to be reading this :))
    nicely written:)

  2. Shona,

    Read all current posts. Hope you can do all that you plan for summer vacations. One should follow field which is to one's heart and not get pressurized to do something one is not keen on. If you feel comfortable in Arts, just do it. Journalism is a good line with a lot of responsibility. Just be your age and do not worry what others say. You live these years only once. This was a good poem.

    Take care

  3. This is SO DAMN sweet! I loved it! It's like my story too, almost ^^
    Omg, lucky guy :)

  4. good!
    it had been a good time since i read something mushy :)

  5. Thats really very cute...:)
    Keep writing! :)

  6. m speech less.
    Lovely piece of work.
    Keep writing :)

  7. @Vintage Obsession : OMG thanks a lot!! :) Heheh!! Im single too and i wrote it!

  8. @Jack: Oh, thanks a ton! For all the advices! :) Really, and for reading all my recent posts thats really amazing of you! :)

  9. @Koo: Haha! :) ReaLLY?! then thats good!! :) yaay i wrote your story!! :P LOL!

  10. @Diwakar: Hehe!! And i love writing Mushy!

  11. @Anu: Thanks a ton Anu! I sure will write always!

  12. @Ananya: Aaawwwieee thanks Ananya!! :) Muaaaahz!You actually read my blog after so long!

  13. @Ayu: Thanks a ton dahlin!! :) eheheh!! :)

  14. so nicely portrait,seems like a known story

  15. hey!!! it's realllyy niceee!! <3 !! loved it! :D

  16. @Tharangi: Aaawwwieez!!! Muaaahz! Thanks a ton!! :) <3

  17. Awwwwwwww.... this is sweet.... :) :)

  18. @Choco: thankseee!! :) ehehehehhe!! "aawwwwwwwww" lol! :)