Sunday, March 21, 2010

Summer Vacation's Here!! [Hoooraay!!]

Hey there fellas! :P
Lolz, im becoming so lazy these days, i hate last week of exams, cuz we never feel like studying! :( Thats like so so sad! Blah! :(
And yea I so so so am happy! :P Leona gave me an award!! The Beautiful Blogger Award!! :P *blushes* Its been so long since i actually got one ! :) And this one has certain rules so I'll do it all in the next post! :)

Summer's here!! :) Only A week an a half left for Summer Vacations!! And believe me I've been waiting for this summer vacation since 9th grade!! :) Now lemme tell you why?! Thats because all the classes i ever wanted to join (Dance, guitar etc...) I waited for 10th to get over and then i would join coz i didnt wanna get distracted and All that so now the time has finally come....And i am so so happy! That its finally here! And so i obviously love making lists anywayz so i made this one! 

Things To Do In Summer Vacations :~

  1.  Watch Loadsa Movies!- Alice in the Wonderland, The Last Song, Valentines Day, Paathshala etc...!
  2. Read loads of books!! Been deprived of this so much this year! To start with - Angels and Demons and Some Sidney Sheldon
  3. Dance, Dance, Dance!! The first thing Im gonna do! :)
  4. Go For Guitar Classes! :P So wanna learn this from last year!
  5. Blog More!! :) Yup...!
  6. Diet.
  7. Facebook
  8. Tweet!
  9. Message x10 times more!
  10. Watch T.V - Oh i am so on foh this!
  11. Go join all the Dance classes ever!! - Contemporary, Western, Hip Hop!
  12. So learn to cook!! I have to.
  13. Spend More time with My Family!
  14. Shop, Shop. SHOP! 
  15. So so so fight With Brother!
  16. Watch More Movies Like Changeling
  17. Take more PHOTOS!
  18. Read more Vampire Series books! Seriously...So have to!
  19. Go WATCH EVERY MOVIE THAT RELEASES! (Not every but good ones!)
  20. GO Window Shopping! :)
  22. Listen TO MUZIC, all the time! : P
  23. Pay More Attention to Deelah - My Plant!!
  24. Try TO MAKE EVERY second of THIS VACATION  a memorable one!
  25. Write MORE SONGS!
  26. Seroiusly start writing POEMS again ....
  27. CONTINUE NOVEL and FINISH it UP! try to.
  28. BE Stupid. [I'm so friggin good at this.]
  29. DO everything YOU WANTED TO DO in these last two years.
  30. Complete all the ABOVE stuff. And Make this Vacation WORTHWHILE. 

Lots of Love and Kisses!!!
Till next time!
♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥

P.S- I'm totally open to more suggestions as to what i can do!! And yeah suggest a few good books to read and movies to watch too! :P


  1. haha!! :) cool things for vacations!!

  2. Such FUN things! :D
    you have vacations already? Coool.

  3. wow..youre lucky indeed...i need 2 more weeks for my summer vacation to start~! TAT!!

    btw..i have now followed you..hope you follow mine as well..?

  4. @Tharangi: Thanks!! I know!! :P So waiting!

  5. @Koo: Nope!!! No vacations already!!! I and a half weeks left!! :( But i made this list in advance!!

  6. @Ayu Me too neeeds still abt 2 weeks, one and a half to be precise!! :( But i made this list in advance so as to keep me going!! :P sure ill follow you!! thanks fo following btw! :)

  7. awww such a cute list :) love your blog too !!

  8. hope u do all.. but more of that "more blogging" thing would be nice and absolutely awesome! :D

  9. Ohhh :D Your list matches mine! :D

  10. @Disguise: I know! Its like Most teens wanna do the same things!! :P LOL!