Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"OMG!!, yes, Wait, What?! NO!! "

I seriously am trying to figure out why this happens to me. Tell me why? There's billions of other people there. But why me?

I don't know what to say
I don't know what to feel
Oh dear Lord
Help Me with this Deal!

Okay what happened was, Yesterday, i was talking to one of my bff's! He and I were speaking on the phone after a long time thanks to exams! So well yeah were basically catching up etc. And here's how the convo went. And well this was at 11:00pm...

So were were talking and all of a sudden
Him: You know your kiddish right?,
Me: OMG, Yes!!, Wait, What'd you say!? Of course not!
Him: Oh please, of course yes!
Me: Sunshine! Stop it! Of course not!
Him: Candy! Of course yes! Cmon...You know that your highly kiddish. I think you need to have that special someone in your life then you'll sober, calm down type...
Me: Sunshine. you have lost it. I am not kiddish.
Him: You are.
Me: And basically what does this special someone have to do with this kiddish matter?
Him: I dunno...people usually calm down, become more mature when they get into a relationship.
Me: Whatever! And I am not kiddish.
Him: You are!
Me: Bye Sunshine!! Cya!!
Him: What? Fine..Battery screwed anyway, Bye!

After i kept the phone i was pretty much miffed with him. Me? Kiddish? Was he kidding me!? But i just couldn't let go of it. So i had to ask a few people. Right That would work. I thought and well yeah i grabbed my phone and texted a few people. Everyone seemed to be sleeping. Cuz by the time i had texted it was 1am. 

But well someone replied. 

Sapphire: Um...Yes I'm sorry I will havta agree with that. You are totally kiddish. I mean i don't know why its not like you behave like a baby or something but, you are kiddish. Lol.

Thats exactly what he said!

Then well yeah I asked Bella [We call her that] this morning,

Bella: yes,sort of baby
sonshu baby...You are kiddish....in every aspect

Then i asked Tejas:

Me: Am i kiddish?!
Him: No you are not, Why? 
Me: Becoz 100000 other people told me i am!
Him: Okay..then you are!
Me: What?!
Him: No not entirely but sorta kiddish i can say!
Everyone's always saying that. From teachers, to random people. Everyone thinks i am Mad, kiddish i mean. But they just don't know what way! But on a whole, Everyone feels I am kiddish. 

This sucks. Am i really that kiddish? And hell what can i do about it?! And what?! 
I am so going to cry! :'(

Till next time
Forever Kiddish! :(
♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥

*Edited: After Bella read this she said: 
you ARE absolutely such a kid :) 
*huh!!? Wth?!*


  1. oh ur a bit kiddish alright Sonu, but nothing wrong in being kiddish at all! :) be forever kiddish also, its a-ok! :)

  2. It's SO DAMN GOOD TO BE KIDDISH! It's good to be in touch with your inner kid! When you grow older, this will help you feel bright and young always. You'll be in touch with that kiddish side of yours. And kids have fun, don't they? :)
    So, i think it's really good that you're kiddish. Atleast you're not immature :)
    So cheer up! Personally i'd love to be 12 and kiddish all my life. And i'd love to not grow up! Think of it thaaat way, it's not a bad thing :)
    Love, koo.

  3. well being kiddish or childish isnt bad as long as you can act matured in appropriate situations :P

    visit my blog if you have time ^_^

  4. welll u might be one... but guys dig it...

    and relationships that change a person are bad ones... they shuld jst keep a person as they are.. only a more happy...

    and lastly... the world is turning more n more into a boring place.. we need ppl like you to turn it back...

    u'll save the world!! ;)

  5. @Leo: Aaaaawwwieees!!! :) Thanksseee i sure will be i guess!

  6. @Wink: I know!! I realised!! thanks!! :) hhehehe!! You told me yst right juhi!

  7. @Koo: Yeaaa i guess, Immature is not nice, kiddish rocks!!! OMG you opened my eyes!! ahahha!! :P thats ku!!

    yea!!! :P way of thinking matters!! :) :P <3

  8. @Ayu: True...acting mature in situations!! thats exactly what im gonna do!

  9. @Rishi: So very true!! :) Hmm....Relationships totally should never change a person!! and yaay me!! if i do save the world!! hoooraaay!!