Friday, March 26, 2010

My Fairytale?

Sailing in the boat on the lake
Beautiful sky, Lovely dreams,
The moon looks so gorgeous,
But then , 
You turn me around and say,
"Not better than you"

Thy leather jacket is so soft,
The amazing fragrance of you,
I almost fall down 
But I notice you,
Staring right at me

You tell me,
Your gown is so beautiful
Its pink silk
And it feels so nice
But you are looking even prettier tonight...

Your touch makes me shiver,
Your smile is worth a thousand pictures
Your eyes , I feel so lost
I wish all this was real
Why did it have to be this way?
Why did this have to be
My Fairytale Dream...

Lots of Love
♥ ♪*Shona* ♫ ♥


  1. wow! I love this, great poem!!!!! <3 <3
    You write really well!!!! :)
    Well, they're dreams but they're sweet... but then, they're still dreams..... But that's life.... :O

    But still, awesome post!!!!!

  2. Oh i love this. Beautifully written!
    I really like the third stanza :)

  3. aww.this is so beautiful...yet why should it end like a dream..? >.<..hehe..but anyway..this is really every girl's kind of dream :3

    ne~ if you have time why dont you check out my latest post..? :D

  4. @Choco: Thankssss a ton!!! :) :) heheheh!! :)

  5. @Ayu: Well it should end like a dream cuz i always write fairytales! So i thot i wont exactly write one...something of that sort! :) thanks! and yeaa will visit your blog

  6. @Wink: Thanks sooo much Juhi!! :) muaaaahz! <3

  7. Girl your damm to good for 15 year old.Impressive:)))

  8. Shona,

    Beautifully written showing what bliss it is to be one you love.

    Take care

  9. @Vintage: Thanks a ton!! heheheh!! :P Thats an awesum compliment!

  10. There is a taco bell in malleshwaram ,Mantri Mall .Its heavenly :)

  11. @Vintage: OOOww!! Cool!! Mantri mall!! :) hehehe heard its aweeesum!! Yeaaa i am so gonna do that this vacations!

  12. try other genres, your style will suit 'em better..try looking deeper within :)

  13. This was beautiful dear!
    very well written :)

  14. It feels nice to dream up fairytales :)

  15. @ulkit: Aawwwiee thanks a ton Pulkit!! :) hehehe!! commenting after soo lawwwng!