Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Ms,

Dear Ms. Fairy,

Hi dear fairy. Ive heard that you make miracles happen. And are really very sweet. So i decided why not write to you? And as you read this and form your impression about me i am sitting at home and studying darn Geography. And of course being Sick! :( Sigh i feel so sick..coldish and feverish! :(

I so need your miracles. And not only miracles basically i need a few favors. Today i wont load you with all the favours i need. Today i'll just ask for one.

Please for heavens sake let my exams go well so that i can rock and roll after them. And please for heavens sake sort out the confusion in my head. Its very confusing. Like bzzzz..... 

And yes, try if you can to have 48 hours in a day please. 24 isnt enough for everything. I swear! Oh and yeah my friend it seems visited you. And she showed me your picture. Not to be rude or anything but please get rid of those boots over frocks. Wearing a girly fluffy frock with boots is so not correct. Sorry for the fashion tips.

Oh and yeah one more little thingy Um...Please please please let my life be happier and better and not so pathetic like how it currently actually is! :(

A few lines for you :

Dear Ms Fairy
Writing a diary
Smiling and dancing away
She comes in flying
And goes out hopping
Little Fairy's her name!

And oh yes i have written these things, well they are basically randomness you know. Its like i love making lists so here's one i attach i feel you'll have fun reading

Things Not To Say To A Fairy By LiMiP!
  1. Why are you fairy people so tiny?
  2. Am i not taller than you?
  3. This is a place only for normal people. Not sure you are allowed
  4. How does it feel being a fairy?
  5. Have you looked at the mirror ever? If you do well you will come to know how "mirror cracking" you are literally.
  6. Oh here's my number, call me whenever
  7. I love to date abnormal people, wanna go on a date
  8. How does it feel to be so tiny and un- noticeable
  9. Do fairies ever get incoherent
  10. Can you fall in love? 
Sorry i so didnt mean to be rude.

Lots of love

Hmm...that was total randomness. Now i seriously have gotta go Study Geography. Bye!

Till next time, if there is one
Lots of Love


  1. dear little miss princess, i would definitely want to ask a fairy [if i ever meet one, that is!] "how i feels like to be one".

    thanks for warning me against that though!

    nice read!

  2. I really love this one, it's totally random, that's why!!! But it's great... :)
    Randomness!! :D

  3. @Choco: Hehehe!! thanks!! i kno!! so so so random!! me loovees randomness!

  4. LiMiP.. :) sounds so wonderful..
    fairies would knock u on the head with a wand :P