Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Miss Princess Arrives.

Hello! Its a new day, a new blog.

And yes of course a new me.

I am Little Miss Princess. Princess Sonshu that you knew has gone! She has gone to...well um Little Miss Princess is the new phoenix risen from the ashes of Princess Sonshu. Till now i thought that i knew everything about myself. And that i needed to know no more. But i realized today that i know nothing about my life. Nothing about myself. What i know about me is what everyone knows about me. Thats just the basic! So from now on i begin my new journey, a journey to discover me along with you, fat Mouisin and some other helping hands. To know more read the About me column and it gives you only some information. For the remaining you've gotta hang on to me and my castle.

Coming soon: Letters to Mr.D (Read in the about me column) *wink*

Lots of Love
~Little Miss Princess


  1. oh i don't mind this name at all.. but, are you really "little"? :P :D

    hope this new phoenix writes more n more :D

  2. @Leo: Hmm....i may not be little by age or appearance, i may be totally looking 14 my mind i am little, everyone calls me a baby!! and i really think like a kid! :) so hence the lil!

    glad u liked the name! :)

  3. Nice...nice..looking forward to see more....from little miss princess :)

  4. ohh thts nice name and it will be nice to know more about you..waiting for ur post :)

  5. @an ordinary girl: oh thanks!! :) glad, will be writing soon! :)

  6. Many Happy returns of the wonderful day!