Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Miss "Freezing" Princess

So i start this post with absolutely no idea as to what to write in here. I really have never ever gone blank like how i am today! I mean ive faced a writers block but i always know what to in random stuff! But today its like a bloggers block! Its the worst thing i tell you! I so desperately want to blog but really nothin to say!

Today while writing the geography exam which we write in the basement (it reminds me of the home alone basement! aaah! shivers!!) Yeah so i was writing the geography exam rather scribbling answers into the paper when suddenly i began shivering i tell you. I was wearing that "mundane cherry red" sweater of mine but still i began shivering and teeth chattering and what not! And literally i felt like i was on Cloud 15!! the top most! like it was unbearable, Bangalore has never been so cold!, while i type this i shiver....I miss Muscat and the heat! :) brings back all of those old memories..I love memories...they always make me smile! :)

Memories of the current school life, are going to remain forever, times ive spent with Dipsy (who is like my sister, well i call her that! we are like that!) , Sunshine ( he is one of my best friends), Bella (Raji and me! randomness), Ayesha (practical-ness of her! and me being so fantasy-ish) and of course Nilima (i loveee us and our cute fights! ) and of course every single person at school!! :)

You know my friends always tell me, i come up with weird and cute creations for  petnames nicknames (petnames sounds like a name for a pet)

I mean yeaaah i looooveeee creating nicknames for people! :) it amuses me my level of relativity or rather relating stuff!! :) !

Hey have you ever observed an apple...its so red, round, heart shape-ish and vampirish..i think the perfect relation for vampires are apples i mean they go so well. I love the analogy..yeah i think thats what its called

Princess : Tiara :: Vampires : Apple
Teens : Never understandable! :: Children : Pain in the ass neck!

Well i love these things!! :)

Anyways....I guess i have to go before the chill gets on to me and freezes me to death! So chao people!
Actually Chao citizens of......"I dont know where"

Lots of Love
~Little Miss "freezing" Princess


  1. If you are thinking Muscat is heat...lady its bone chilling here..the temp is 21C but I feel like 2.1C!!

    Even I was in ISWK! Till 2007! I live there only! In fact I am tying this from Wk! :)

  2. @Bobby: really??? but it was quiet hot there!! lol!! :) you were in ISWK!??? so cool!! :)