Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Desires....

Hello people of the world!
Hey there people!

Hello Most noble citizens!

Today was a bad start. One of those usual mornings! Well i got up like at around 9am coz i had a study holiday and had slept in too late at night....studying!  I woke up....and yeah sat on the couch and read the news paper while sipping pineapple juice and then a sudden desire struck me...a desire to help...You know i was thinking a princess, thats what i call myself...but sometimes i dont feel like one....and i want to really be a princes...

I want to teach the uneducated children and um....those orphans, they smile but inside they feel like they have no one with them, i want to be someone to them, i want to help them, i want to be with them, interact and all....but i can do all this only after i am done with my 10th grade boards!

Well leaving my unusual desire behind for the time being! Can you believe it SRK! is on TWITTER!?? that is like the best thing ever! yo!! i loveeeee him!! :) Yep! Loveee him!!

Anyways!! if i dont go catch up with some geography now, i am totally screwed!! :) <3 Will catch up soon...will blog soon i mean!

Love ya!
~Little Miss Princess (Now Fifteen! )


  1. That is the sweetest thing. I have been doing that for the past 5 yrs and the feeling is the most amazing. You need not be a princess or anything, you just need to have a heart to help...Bas!

    Lemme know after your boards,I will tell you who to contact in Blore that you can start teaching, provided you still wanna do that, then!

    But keep up that thought. The smile you get is the most peaceful and the sleep in the night is that of contentment

  2. Yep!! i obvi will want to do it then too!! :) its like been my thing to help eversince i was young i had this heart to do this and now the desire has become more clearer and visible!! and i can teach!?? really!!??? coool!!! will surely ask you after boards!! wont take it up till im dont with boards coz i wont be able to concentrate then know! So ill do it after boards and do it with full attention!!

  3. You better not do it before the boards... We dont like people being irresponsible toward their own studies but yeah, once done, please call without fail!

  4. Yep!!! not before boards!!! and yeah once done will surely call!! :)

  5. Hey Little Princess!

    Your thought is wonderful and u r in the right direction.

    Knowledge earned is knowledge blessed, knowledge shared is knowledge GAINED.

    yeah i am so happppy 4 u and sure we together will do this to make it a better world. Our part ...........

  6. @Hey Lady: Hey!! thanks a lot!! i would love to share my knowledge!!! :) thanks a lot! love ya!! :) <3

  7. wow...nice thoughts dear...i also have like wise wish dear...I will wish for you...Keep the spirit :)

  8. @gal: aaawwwieee thanks a lot!! :) :) <3