Friday, January 15, 2010

First Attempt....

Dearest Mr.D


Hello Mr.D,

Dear Mr.D

Hey there! Uh...thats a bad way to start the letter i guess. Well how's life treating you? I dont even know why i am writing this letter to you, since you seem to have no idea about my existence...Well isnt that sad! Actually i dont even know if you are actually existent too. Its kinda weird you know. But i will keep liking you forever. Or maybe not. I totally cant write to you when you arent existent or are! I am so confused Mr.D!

Well i am waiting for you....I am so sure you will look so good in a black tuxedo. So the first time you come down to meet me uh...wear one! Coz you know i like black and it suits you! I have one question to you...why cant you be existent? Am i mad or something to write letters to some not existing person!?

Thats what people are going to think Mr. D why dont you just come on fast you know so that i can like you...coz i seem to have no current crushes/obsessions! (Well Edward cullen is still there!But he's married!)
Come on Mr.D just catch that express train and get down here! I am so eager to meet you and look secretly at you, you know the way other crushes happen! :)

Before i begin blabbering more nonsense. Bye



Yours truly,

Yours affectionately,
Little Miss Princess


  1. Wow, you are one confused little princess arent you??? I wont ask who this Mr.D is coz i understood that you have no current crushes and that you're waiting for one that would be Mr.D! lol! anyway waiting to see more! :) nice one! cute!

  2. Hmm....well i am sorta confused and yes, am waiting for a real crush to happen! its fun! :) thanks!

  3. Nice letter...
    So waiting or Mr.D huh!
    All the best - if you ever bump into him > don't be shy!

    ur bro

  4. I think it's a nice idea to write a letter to someone who don't know or in fact haven't even met yet! I agree, it's cute!

    I am curious about what the D in Mr. D stands for?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting by the way.

  5. @bobby: yep waiting foh mr.d! will not be shy!! of course i wont! :)

  6. @Gingerella: aawww..thanks!! :) Mr.D well it stands i will tell that in my next post! :) keep reading! and thanks for stopping by my blog too !:)

  7. luk'd @ ur comment:
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Where have been in Mct? I am thrilled!you must be missing it all!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    This post is very cute. I'm waiting for a real crush too, but I'll call him Mr. C or Mr. G.

  9. @sally: thanksee!!! oh mr.g! Nicee..... :)