Monday, January 11, 2010


 First of all before i go on blabbering something!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone on blogosphere!!! and to my lovely little blog!!! Sorry for the late wishes Prelims are on!

It has been ages since i wrote an acrostic!

I swear,

And today Vinu while chatting gave me a suggestion that i should blog and write an acrostic! Well i couldnt say no! So i did write one! And on my favourite topic!Well it is my favourite topic!

Fantasy, its something we all have gone thru! Well i toh am always fantasizing about being a princess, oh well i am! And about having edward, a part of my life....Well forget about my fantasies This acrostic was written just like that! Inspiration: Vinu! Thanks! for actually making me write one! Reviewed by: Murthy! Thanks so much!! your compliments flatter me! :)

Forgetting about whether it can or not

And dreaming without a boundary

Not easy to burst the bubble

The fantasia is so amazing

Adonis seems so close to you.....

Speculation that Edward is yours....

Years together it goes on, like an everlasting chime ringing bells.....

I have so much to tell you guys, Graduation Day is approaching, Prelims are on! Well im so stressed! With my birthday coming by!!! Well ill see ya soon later!!! I just took a break....! :) 

Till next time

Ms.Sonshu Cullen 

(P.S: I know u dont like this Vinu!!! But i looooveee Edward!) 

okay for all those who dont like Ms Sonshu Cullen

Lots and lots of love!!! <3
Princess Poo!

(P.P.S: My Christmas was amaaaazing!!! I got one of my best buddies back!! :) And oh yeah we decorated christmas trees and dance and games and oooo...plum cakes!!! Oh yeah My new year was brilliant!!! Saw Shahrukh on TV! Wished friends and family!!! How was urs??)


  1. Wow that was good! Indeed! An amazing acrostic!!! Fantasy....Well Edward Cullen is one!!! I loveee him too!!

    Nice blog!!! :)

    P.S. Ms. Sonshu Cullen is a very nice name! Prettyful!like u!

  2. Oh cmon!! Stop commenting as Anonymous!! Put ur name naa! :) thanks anyway!!! :)

  3. Anonymous suits me better its more like u have to solve the mystery!!! Keep going pretty ms.cullen!

  4. lols...
    nice acro...

    i was giving u hugs and then it said this!!!
    "try waiting for some time in between hugs" :P lols

  5. :P ya, i dont like it much, but hey, its ur name.

    glad i made u write, because the acrostic came out well. when u get bored in btwn preparations again, write another one... :)

    ps: Princess Poo isn't nice either, ur name is better. SONU :)

  6. it was nice...i too tried to write an acrostic...Happy New Year to you too...and My Christmas was too good..enjoyed a lot :)

  7. @fl: Thanks!!! :) lol i kno it says that!!!! :)

  8. @Leo: Thnks to u again!! :) and um...yeah my name i like it!! :) i love ittt!!! just a change!

  9. @Gal: Hmm....nice! glad to know! :) :)