Sunday, January 24, 2010


You are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose up to 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag up to 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.  

1. I love edward cullen!
2. I like the smell of rain!
3. I love the sound created as raindrops gently touch the ground.
4.Stars enchant me!
5. I love puddles! :)
6. My converse is my favourite thing! :P
7. I like to untie knots that form in my earphones when i am not in a hurry or am bored! :)
8. I love the word heeebiejeebies!
9. I loveeee to smile!! :) 
10. I consider that all of us weren't made by God, we were created!
11. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the best sitcom's ever!! :)
12. I love my chocos cereal! without milk!
13.I dislike milk.
14.Messaging is my current favourite thing!
15.Biology interests me to the core. Wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me to study it, i would!
16. I love the number 16....when i see it, hear it or write it, i feel nice!
17.I dislike odd numbers, except 7!
18. Friday the thirteenth is a lucky day!
19.Ask me to read 10 novels (each 300 pages) in a day i'd do it, but ask me to study 15 chapters in chemistry in 2days, i'd still not do it!
20. I liked every english teacher of mine, through entire school life, from 1st grade to 10th grade now!
21. I can never ever dislike English, Books, Music, Dance!!
22. Dancing is my life!! :) i cant do without dancing!
23. I would love to be on a stranded island, only with the four best friends that i love! :)
24. I am self obsessed
25. I love the camera, i love the lime light!

I tag Bobby, Gingerella, Juhi, Leo, Nuchu , Ordinary Gal. I was supposed to tag 25 people but i always break the rules! And anyone who wants to do this go ahead!! :)

Yes, wasnt that an over dose about me!??? Well basically i really have nothing to blog about! Give me some ideas! What do you want to see!?? What you want me to write! I'll do that!

Till next time!
~Little Miss "Happy " Princess

Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Miss "Freezing" Princess

So i start this post with absolutely no idea as to what to write in here. I really have never ever gone blank like how i am today! I mean ive faced a writers block but i always know what to in random stuff! But today its like a bloggers block! Its the worst thing i tell you! I so desperately want to blog but really nothin to say!

Today while writing the geography exam which we write in the basement (it reminds me of the home alone basement! aaah! shivers!!) Yeah so i was writing the geography exam rather scribbling answers into the paper when suddenly i began shivering i tell you. I was wearing that "mundane cherry red" sweater of mine but still i began shivering and teeth chattering and what not! And literally i felt like i was on Cloud 15!! the top most! like it was unbearable, Bangalore has never been so cold!, while i type this i shiver....I miss Muscat and the heat! :) brings back all of those old memories..I love memories...they always make me smile! :)

Memories of the current school life, are going to remain forever, times ive spent with Dipsy (who is like my sister, well i call her that! we are like that!) , Sunshine ( he is one of my best friends), Bella (Raji and me! randomness), Ayesha (practical-ness of her! and me being so fantasy-ish) and of course Nilima (i loveee us and our cute fights! ) and of course every single person at school!! :)

You know my friends always tell me, i come up with weird and cute creations for  petnames nicknames (petnames sounds like a name for a pet)

I mean yeaaah i looooveeee creating nicknames for people! :) it amuses me my level of relativity or rather relating stuff!! :) !

Hey have you ever observed an apple...its so red, round, heart shape-ish and vampirish..i think the perfect relation for vampires are apples i mean they go so well. I love the analogy..yeah i think thats what its called

Princess : Tiara :: Vampires : Apple
Teens : Never understandable! :: Children : Pain in the ass neck!

Well i love these things!! :)

Anyways....I guess i have to go before the chill gets on to me and freezes me to death! So chao people!
Actually Chao citizens of......"I dont know where"

Lots of Love
~Little Miss "freezing" Princess

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Desires....

Hello people of the world!
Hey there people!

Hello Most noble citizens!

Today was a bad start. One of those usual mornings! Well i got up like at around 9am coz i had a study holiday and had slept in too late at night....studying!  I woke up....and yeah sat on the couch and read the news paper while sipping pineapple juice and then a sudden desire struck me...a desire to help...You know i was thinking a princess, thats what i call myself...but sometimes i dont feel like one....and i want to really be a princes...

I want to teach the uneducated children and um....those orphans, they smile but inside they feel like they have no one with them, i want to be someone to them, i want to help them, i want to be with them, interact and all....but i can do all this only after i am done with my 10th grade boards!

Well leaving my unusual desire behind for the time being! Can you believe it SRK! is on TWITTER!?? that is like the best thing ever! yo!! i loveeeee him!! :) Yep! Loveee him!!

Anyways!! if i dont go catch up with some geography now, i am totally screwed!! :) <3 Will catch up soon...will blog soon i mean!

Love ya!
~Little Miss Princess (Now Fifteen! )

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

He's A Jolly Good Fellow!! :)

Dear Mr.D,

Today i rather than blabber nonsense which even i wont understand, i will talk some sense! I am not solemnly swearing to make sense in the whole letter but at least parts of it, will make sense....But its going to be a short letter!

How are you doing Mr.D?! You know what? I love snow! I wish, just wish you know i could catch snow like snow fall time and snow falls all over me and catch one on my tongue...Well i sorely wish that actually happens! But sadly it doesnt snow down here! :(  Oh and yeah have you ever caught a rain droplet on your tongue, rain tastes so sweet and the sound of it hitting the ground gently is so soothing!! Oh yeah i loveeee the dew drops on leaves at dawn...have you seen it!??

And oh wait i actually have a rhyme to dedicate to you:

For he’s a jolly good fellow,
For he’s a jolly good fellow,
For he’s a jolly good fellow,
Which nobody can deny!

Oh you are a jolly good fellow arent you Mr.D!! I just wonder every single day when you will knock on my door!! :)

Anyways i have really gotta go! :)  Keep smiling!! :)

~Little Miss Princess

P.S: Saturday ie. Jan 16th was my birthday! I expected nothing but i got so many many gifts and such pretty ones!! and yeah had a blast!!! :) (the gifts included belgium chocolates, a bouquet of amazing roses of different colours, two teddy bears!!, some amazing bands and keychains!, and yeah a zodiac mug!!)

Friday, January 15, 2010

First Attempt....

Dearest Mr.D


Hello Mr.D,

Dear Mr.D

Hey there! Uh...thats a bad way to start the letter i guess. Well how's life treating you? I dont even know why i am writing this letter to you, since you seem to have no idea about my existence...Well isnt that sad! Actually i dont even know if you are actually existent too. Its kinda weird you know. But i will keep liking you forever. Or maybe not. I totally cant write to you when you arent existent or are! I am so confused Mr.D!

Well i am waiting for you....I am so sure you will look so good in a black tuxedo. So the first time you come down to meet me uh...wear one! Coz you know i like black and it suits you! I have one question to you...why cant you be existent? Am i mad or something to write letters to some not existing person!?

Thats what people are going to think Mr. D why dont you just come on fast you know so that i can like you...coz i seem to have no current crushes/obsessions! (Well Edward cullen is still there!But he's married!)
Come on Mr.D just catch that express train and get down here! I am so eager to meet you and look secretly at you, you know the way other crushes happen! :)

Before i begin blabbering more nonsense. Bye



Yours truly,

Yours affectionately,
Little Miss Princess

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Miss Princess Arrives.

Hello! Its a new day, a new blog.

And yes of course a new me.

I am Little Miss Princess. Princess Sonshu that you knew has gone! She has gone to...well um Little Miss Princess is the new phoenix risen from the ashes of Princess Sonshu. Till now i thought that i knew everything about myself. And that i needed to know no more. But i realized today that i know nothing about my life. Nothing about myself. What i know about me is what everyone knows about me. Thats just the basic! So from now on i begin my new journey, a journey to discover me along with you, fat Mouisin and some other helping hands. To know more read the About me column and it gives you only some information. For the remaining you've gotta hang on to me and my castle.

Coming soon: Letters to Mr.D (Read in the about me column) *wink*

Lots of Love
~Little Miss Princess

Monday, January 11, 2010


 First of all before i go on blabbering something!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone on blogosphere!!! and to my lovely little blog!!! Sorry for the late wishes Prelims are on!

It has been ages since i wrote an acrostic!

I swear,

And today Vinu while chatting gave me a suggestion that i should blog and write an acrostic! Well i couldnt say no! So i did write one! And on my favourite topic!Well it is my favourite topic!

Fantasy, its something we all have gone thru! Well i toh am always fantasizing about being a princess, oh well i am! And about having edward, a part of my life....Well forget about my fantasies This acrostic was written just like that! Inspiration: Vinu! Thanks! for actually making me write one! Reviewed by: Murthy! Thanks so much!! your compliments flatter me! :)

Forgetting about whether it can or not

And dreaming without a boundary

Not easy to burst the bubble

The fantasia is so amazing

Adonis seems so close to you.....

Speculation that Edward is yours....

Years together it goes on, like an everlasting chime ringing bells.....

I have so much to tell you guys, Graduation Day is approaching, Prelims are on! Well im so stressed! With my birthday coming by!!! Well ill see ya soon later!!! I just took a break....! :) 

Till next time

Ms.Sonshu Cullen 

(P.S: I know u dont like this Vinu!!! But i looooveee Edward!) 

okay for all those who dont like Ms Sonshu Cullen

Lots and lots of love!!! <3
Princess Poo!

(P.P.S: My Christmas was amaaaazing!!! I got one of my best buddies back!! :) And oh yeah we decorated christmas trees and dance and games and oooo...plum cakes!!! Oh yeah My new year was brilliant!!! Saw Shahrukh on TV! Wished friends and family!!! How was urs??)