Tuesday, September 8, 2009

199. From Kuyerjudd to Sonshu

I have a handful of words to describe my blogging life before I came across Sonshu months ago--quiescent, inconsequential... mute. Yes, I posted every once in a while, but I never communicated with anyone much. There was just the writer and the readers; my art and all of you. I wasn't giving my readers much of who I was underneath each word, which was how any writer should be writing as; just of what my Muse was saying, but none by me.

I guess you could say I owe Sonshu for who I am today. But not just because of help with social-networking sites, but more on the support she gives me. I only have a handful of followers, which I am grateful for; but none of that even matters, because each one of them is unique in their own way--especially Sonshu.

For one, Sonshu's writing style is definitely interesting. I love the way how each word just flows onto the next. It's ineffable, and yet I hear so much of her from just one, palpable and loud.

Sonshu is well on her way to becoming the next... No. She's on her way to becoming her own great author.

She has relatively a lot more to learn, but that just makes her more of a star than ever. A diamond in the rough, if you will.

Sonshu, I have nothing more but words to congratulate your successful 200 posts, both because I'm the to-go-to guy for graphics (my book cover was a fluke) and because I feel that gratitude--for everthing you've taught me--is more present in words. It's our magnum opus; it's our masterpiece, each one; it's the very link that binds all of us here.

You may be asking yourself what you might have possibly taught me. Well, I can tell you this, Sonshu. You've taught me a lot about who I am. You reminded me of who I was, tacitly gave me a view of who I will be, and hence have given me a and c, which would then equal b: the present, who I am. And I thank you for that, Sonshu.

You will forever be one of the greatest friends I ever made online.

Monday, September 7, 2009

198. The Amazing Princess - I am proud to know her :)

Hey Everyone!
                      I am another Princess here.. An elder one :P  My name is Nusrath and I am well known as Princess Nuchu (rhymes well with princess Sonshu na?? :) )

Well, Sonshu asked me to write a guest post long time back.. And I was supposed to post it on last last last thursday.. But, due to my lack of time and laziness , I am sorry Sonshu.. But, I feel happy that atleast now I can and I am writing a post for the wonderful and amazing Blog :)

I know this sweet adorable and amazing princess through a group blog named Writers' lounge ( I bet u all know the link to that place).

I always feel that she is matured in thoughts for her age.. Coz' I have a brother of her age and he is still a kid.. Or may be Sonshu is an intelligent kid :)

She is very creative.. I love her acrostics.. God bless her and her talents :)

A poem for the amazing princess

I met a Princess few months back
She has a Royal Blog and
She writes Inspiring stuffs in it.
And she has Not only one blog, she also is a part of another Blog,
Through which I Came to know her.
It's called the Writers' lounge, the Enthusiastic place.
She makes me So impressed by her works.
She is a talented Sweetheart.

She was named as Sonshu
One among the amazing teens in the lounge..
She is Nice to get along with.
In Blogger's World, She is well known as Princess Sonshu
I wish this Utimate Blogger A wonderful Two Hundredth post celebration :)

I hope the Poem was Okay and Sonshu likes it! :P

I wish all her wonderful dreams come true and she achieves all her goals and a bright future with loads of happiness.

Thank you so much Sonshu dear for giving me this oppurtunity to write in your precious blog! Love you so much.

>>Hugs && Kisses<<

Sunday, September 6, 2009

197. A Sonugraphy

Three months back.. on a hot summer day... I was sitting at the Lounge. It was a busy day, and the place was abuzz with excitement. Members were in such a hurry to get to business. Planes of poetry and prose and tags and what not.. were taking off and landing. I could hardly hear the speakers over the din. A smile on my face, I just relapsed and watched the fiasco unfold.

The announcer Admin's voice came over the microphone suddenly, "All members are hereby notified that we have a new member in our presence. The lounge welcomes the cute little princess of the beautiful region of Sonshuland, Princess Sonshu herself, to share her thoughts with us here at the Lounge. Give her a warm welcome, and let us have fun together."

I had only heard of the little princess and her sweet acrostics and stories through a friend of mine, Queen of Acrosticland, Amias. Her acrostic for teens poems were beautiful, and along with Little Rosh & Kuyer Judd, the trio were quite talented and fast coming into blogs. When in the Lounge chat box, I saw her talking so friendly, I immediately felt a brotherly affection toward her, and asked her for her personal ID, so I could listen to her nice thoughts and have some fun times with her at her kingdom and at some times, in the Lounge. She gave me, and with time, this little princess has become a royal friend and little sister to me. Her writing has risen to more beautiful levels, and is becoming better day by day. I feel it a delight to know her and be a follower of her kingdom and her journey as a princess.

I wrote a guest scroll for her, when she completed a hundred and fifty lovely reads. I had known here for very less time then, and could only manage a small acrostic for her. She liked it never the less! Time has passed by, and now this kingdom is nearing two hundred reads from its ruler, who has given me an honor of writing another guest scroll in these hallowed halls of fame. A royal treat for me, so to speak. This little dedication, is what I've managed to write, and I hope she likes it. 

I wish only the best for her, to become what she dreams to become, and for me to continue to visit her kingdom and be by her side as she grows into Queen Sonshu someday. I hope our friendship continues to grow, and lots of love from this brother to his little princess sister. 

Dear Princess Sonshu
I wish you the very best
I admire your works
May you always write like so
Lots of love from me
Chase your dreams passionately
Take care! Keep Writing

A virtual brother, The Amatuer Poet...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

196. Bella and Alice- Their Universe...

HIII..... all my fellow bloggers, known folk, unknown folk, friends, classmates and of course *hugs* Alice! :) In case you all didn't know already, I call Sonshu, Alice because she so resembles Alice Cullen (the lovable vampire in the twilight series)

First Id like to say a big thank you to Alice for being so nice and asking me ( or rather 'forcing me' ) to write this really random guest post....

The saddest part is that i still dont know what i should be writing about. As I sit here thinking of all the possible things to write about..I am struck with a sudden bolt of realization. (No i am not about to preach about scientology) 

I realize that this is my last year in school...also the last year in which me and Sonshu will have random laugh riots and ridiculously insane 'fun' ... *sigh* Yes, i dedicate this honorary post to what we (me and Sonshu) do in school and how much I am going to miss it when it is all over...

Well to begin with, I have been in my school ever since 4th grade and Alice probably from the 6th grade. We became class mates in the 8th grade (as students who opted for hindi as second language). I barely knew her then. I was quite taken aback by her strangeness and the way in which she barely spoke to anybody else and kept all top herself. I remember she used to wear that mundane cherry read sweater every single day. (She still does that in fact). I even thought she was unfriendly and a snob. What probably united us as a pair of great friends was 'Twilight' . But there again we differ. (I am not and will never be as mad as her for romantic books as she is).

Oh yes....we differ in every possible manner. However I daresay there is one similarity. (Don't try guessing because I'm sure you DON'T know what it is) Its the 'craziness' (also called booglaboogla-ish ness.) :P

We love random photography and collect crazy junk jewelry. We burst into crazy laughter for no reason and really give teachers a tough time. (Remember tutions?!) We also love Italian food. And of course WE LOVE EDWARD!! ...

Two things im positively (or negatively) sure of:
  1. I hate myself
  2. I hate myself for the simple reason that i lack time management. My day seems to have barely 2 hours instead of 24 hours...thats so unfair!
I dont find time to write a neat little guest post for my dearest buddy...I write the post during Geography class (Ive always hated Geography)...
So umm...thats it then. I bet Sonshu will have an eternal grudge against me for contaminating her blog with my mundane thread of thought. i do hereby promise to write something more decent...

Until my next guest post,
Take Care...
Raji (Bella/Jooni/Puckapple..you can call me anything you want) :D

*Group hug*

PS: (A note from the princess) : As you all know how busy Raji is, so she wrote it and gave it to me so i could post it!

Original copies of what Raji wrote for me: (Sorry for the bad quality my phone camera sucks isnt good)