Monday, December 28, 2009

Tribute to Friendship.....

Well today its time to get all emotional! Yesterday's meme made me think of all these times with my friends! All of it. Yes the fun, the craziness, the random laughter, crying for each other, the school trips together, unity we have, bond we share oh god there's so many things and it makes me cry that this is our last year. Every time i think of it i start weeping because friends are like nothing! They play one of the most important roles in our life! All these years in my school life i have had amazing friends From grade one to grade ten. Yes it was indeed amazing! So today i am going to dedicate a song to all my school friends all the friends who have been a part of my school life! Yes this song is for all of you guys! Mwwwwaaah!!! kisses ang hugs!

This song is dedicated to: ( i will put only limited names so u dont go crazy!)
 Nuha, Esther, Sanjana (Banjo) Bobby, Sudakshina, Siddharth, Rhea, Rahul, Deepti, Nilima, Raji, Ayesha, Riya, Nidhi, Anoop, Badri, Harshavardhan, Rakhshith, Sudarshan, Nimisha, Trysha, Aishwarya, Sneha, Aishwarya, Madhura, Neha, Sudakshina, Ritika, Deepak, Deepali,  GK Murthy, Sachin, and so many more people! Every single person who was in my school life! From year 2000 to 2010!

Now dedicating a song to all of you! Yes all my other friends since i am in a song mood so yeaaaah!!! Lets make the most and listen to great songs! This song is to every one of my friend!!! EVERY PERSON WHO WAS OR IS MY FRIEND!


  1. nice song...Thanks for dedicating :)

  2. great emos........hope everybody could say straight forward like you......there would be no misunderstandings if people could do so....

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