Thursday, December 10, 2009

Choosing the right path.....

"Your getting it now?" she asked him over the phone

"Yes, yes i will, and i am telling you its great! Its worth all it is!" he said in a lost voice

"Really? Its that good? Oh fine, i know i am waiting! get it soon" i said and kept the phone

"Sasha, Anne, Ashley, come here quick!" Erin called ."Can you believe it?? Dixon is getting it! The thing we all have been waiting for, K10"

"K10?? okay!!! awesome dude, we'll all have so much fun!" Ashley said

After a while Dixon pushed open the door and walked in, a little almost invisible plastic bag in his hand. 

"Oh Dixon there you are pass it" Erin and Sasha said!

"There you go" he passed small packets full of a powdery substance, white in colour.

"Um, waiting to have it" Erin and Sasha said falling down

"Come on" All of them said and sat in a circle.

"After you take it you hallucinate and its beautiful!" Dixon said

Ashley, Dixon and Sasha had it, they took a little and that itself was so much. Then Anne took her bit but she wasnt smiling, she took it though. And soon all of them were almost in a state of unconsciousness. Erin was so excited that she gulped the whole packet down. 

"What the hell are you doing Erin?? Why did you damn gulp the whole thing? Shit even half of it would kill you and that you you were over drugged from before, damn!" Dixon screamed

After a while all of them were in a state of hallucinating, they didnt feel anything around, the pain, the screams, the cry, nothing, All they could see was happiness, joy ,colors, a different world. The feeling was so good to them. They didnt know what they were doing, they felt it was good, they didnt see harm. 

Suddenly all of them were startled, the scream was so loud, it was piercing, they all woke up to it, came to senses and saw that their friend Erin was choking. She was holding her neck, trying to breathe, trying to wake up, She looked dull, face was pale, pale as a dead soul. She looked so helpless, choking with the very thing that had made here feel so good. It was killing her, her face now turned red. No body knew what to do, people heard the screams and came running upstairs. Erin's parents were called and they arrived in no time. 

"Erin Erin, sweetheart!" they screamed coming in

Erin was still choking and she had lost all the colour, her eyes blackened and lips became pale she couldnt see anything everything was blurring , finally she couldn't feel anything, not the screams, not the nice feeling, not even pain. It was all over. 

Erin's parents screamed and cried, they sat beside her body, the face that once was the prettiest in school had now become pale, eyes turned black, lips all white, she had lost everything, the charm, the smile, the colour in her soul, the brightness, everything. 

"Dixon why dixon??" his parents asked " Why'd you do this??"

"I wanted to okay!" he said and walked out.

"Anne? Werent you supposed to be my goody little girl? my baby?" Her dad asked while her mom sat speechless. 

"Dad we never used to do this, never, i still dont want to! We were the best group in school, we were toppers. But people called us uncool coz' we never took drugs and we gave it a try, and from then on its not stopped, its impossible the feeling.......i dont want to do it but i am helpless!" she said

Note: Soon after all of them were taken to rehab centres and were treated. Drug Abuse is a problem many many teenagers face. Become aware, however uncool people think you are dont do it! You are harming you self, spoiling your life and it just is so 'uncool' so 'say no to drugs' ! "


  1. Totally true. Drugs or anything for that matter doesnt make you cool. Be your individual and be sensible with what you do to yourself...

    Love yourself. And you are growing up. Loved this story! :D

  2. Yes i totally support no to drugs!

    thanks a lot!!! , i wrote it after a longggg time! :)

  3. :-) and now thats all loud :-) and cheers for the cause :-)

  4. @shravan: Thanks hope it was really loud and reaches all teens! thanks!

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