Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yes, I am here

I have been wanting to tell you a lot of things, lots i say! So much has been happening, you would know if you were a facebook buddy! Otherwise im telling you right here , only two things for now though!

1. I won the Moon Light Contest at the lounge here's my badge!

Judge’s Comment: This poem flows well and it stands on its own without the photo. I can feel the emotion here – that aching to be with the one you love --- the loneliness; hope.
Marks Awarded: 100/100

Yes i actually got a 100/100, here's my poem for those who didnt read it 

I stand beneath the dark clouds

Waiting for the wind to blow

To lift my feet off the ground

And take me to you...

It feels so black here

I hate this feeling of pain

Trapped on an island

Moon my only company

Its a place of passion

But it feels gloomy and dull

If you were here

I could feel the beauty and see the green

All i think about is you

Day and night standing here alone

Looking at the moon

It is smiling at my sorrow

I wait for the wind to strike

Lift me and take me to you..... 

Word Count: 107 words
2. I won the MoM at the lounge- September 

We are proud to announce that Princess Sonshu  are our Member of Month for Sept 2009.
 Yes i am so happy *jumps up and down* Wohooo!!!!

Yeah isnt it happening! Till next time!