Friday, November 27, 2009

Title? Really i cant think of one! Just go on and read the post!


Bella is spreading her randomness, I had this sudden idea that i should take some online tests on english since i plan to devote the rest of my life understanding every little thing about my love, my english language. Yeah so i sorta had the idea in my head and googled it, i took certain tests which i aced, really stupid ones. So then i called bella and she told me she had the same idea and had done them already.

That brings me to now. I am sitting here by the window, not at all comfy in this seat, too lazy to cushion it. And am taking some amazing tests by British Council and stuff,

Can you believe i so want to do my further studies at Cambridge, Oxford  or Dartmouth. Yeah and i have even written down what i will write in teh application forms. Yeah its my dream, has always been

After these stupid boards i will surely take come tests like TOEFL and IELTS tests

Yeah i plan to apply for TOEFL,  IELTS , and i am preparing for all, (anything all tests possible) the preparations have begun! Btw our school sent mine and Bella's name for IOEL god knows if the form reached them by post also?

Yaaay i scored awesome on a prep test for IELTS! it makes me glad. I swear.

Coming to now, the present. I had my stupid physics exam today which was pathetic and the paper sucked was pathetically bad and mean and stupid and timeless. There was absolutely no time to finish it. All us students should strike. One and a half hours isnt enough! Snow white so agrees with me (Nilima) yeah! And dipsy does too!

Well i have Math on Monday



Sadly my hope, english are both over, language and prose and i performed well. Yaaay! Atleast if those two were not one after another i would have something to look forward too while writing other exams. Thank God Bio and Arts is still there and the most biggest thing to look forward to

NEW MOON. It is hopefully releasing this December before our exams

I am so going with Bella, Bella and Alice gonna watch their movie.

Snow white said she wants to come with us, but she isnt interested in the Twilight Saga, she can come anyway cant she. Dipsy too will probably join soon enough! Lets see.

Now i am so off to tutions to tell my teacher how bad i did in physics and to prepare for MATH!

Tenth, Tenth! Hectic! Pain! Blaaah!

Omg i just saw Darthmouth's website, its so pretty and artsy! Yaaay me! Oxford seems good enough too, its quite professional and classy, Cambridge seems great too, pretty plain and white and nice,! Imagine if Shakespeare was here, wouldnt he be happy to see someone love english so much?! HE would!  I so want to meet him! Probably if i get into one of these random colleges, not random! One of these MOST WANTED, AWESOME, PRETTY, BEST colleges in the world, then his spirit might come say hi to me while i am sleeping in my dormitory. And if he does, if all this ever happens i shall take a pic with him and get his autograph for me, choco (he asked) and any of you who might want it!

I have spoken toooo much now




*Hugs* (which reminds me, see the hug counter on top, i love hugs, so give me a hug and why ? Thats also there! So no conjusy, give me as many hugs as you may please by clicking the give princesssonshu more hugs button!)

Till next time

Shutting my humongous non stop talking mouth for a while



  1. i am waiting for the day walk the steps of Oxford or Dartmouth or Cambridge. ur weaving ur dreams and making us a part of it..i dream together for u and i hope to realise it soon.All the best Sonshu.

  2. @Rush: Yes i am making you all my extended family a part of it! and i hope i can go there! thanks rush!

  3. ah,you give me so much credit on Virtually Real.
    All the bella-spreading-her-randomness crap :P
    but *hugs*
    we'll work up our dream together and go to university together and do everything together!