Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Outta the Blue question

I'm sitting in the balcony on this computer.

What am i doing here? I should'nt even be here! I should be studying harder every second! I should not be thinking about Apollo! Well do you know who Apollo is!??

Im not sure

I dont think i even told you did i?

Baah, lets keep suspense!

Anyway dont jump to conclusions, think, who do you think Apollo could be? Think. Think. Think harder


Anyway, getting back to talking sense. Sense?? Weird! I can never talk sense ever can i? Anyways, im still overly obsessed with my new phone, my new phone, my new phone, but i am so obsessed with studying, i dont know if its an obsession, but im studying almost always! Well thats not my problem, its the bitter gourd's mistake, she kills us! (bitter gourd code name for someone!) And sweet pea is like sweet but she could be considerate (sweet pea code again!)

I wonder....

Wonder, ponder...

Actually this has been puzzling me since a few days. This question! Its not related to me! Well here goes, hope i get answers.

"When can a person actually fall in love?"

When a fifteen year old says "I am in love" is it actually love??

I'm surely not in love and this question as i said is not related to me, a few of my (school) friends keep exclaiming they are in love, is it love or infatuation, can a fifteen year old actually be in love or is it only later its love??

Im confused!

Till next time
randomly signing off


  1. hmm.. depends.. that 15yr old could be or may not be in love! :D
    hope ur bittergourd begins to taste sweet soon :D :)

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  3. love, infatuation evrything is the same feeling... you just feel happy thinking about a person... anyways its not the name of the feeling that counts, but how u act upon those feelings that counts... :)

    just my thought...

  4. @Leo: Hmm, true! Very true i wonder.... yeah i hope my bittergourd tastes sweet

  5. @Arun: Isnt love different from infatuation? i mean infatuation isnt actually LOVE!?? WELL im not sure! True how u act counts

  6. Well. yeah a 15 year old can fall in love... But, I would say.. it's just an exitement, attraction.. Infactuation :)

  7. Bitter gourd=Nilima.
    sweet pea=?????
    apollo = anks??

  8. @Raji: You got them all wrong its not my BFFS!