Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back to being Insane

Why am i out of things to type or say or do?

Okay before i type any more rubbish or random crap lemme get to what ive to acknowledge!

Yellow Tulip a really sweet blogger buddy has given me two amazing awards! Yep! Isnt it fantabulous! Yeah im so excited

Aaawie, thanks so much dearie! Yaay this one is so cute! Juhi great painting and Tulip thanks for the award!
This one you gave me ages ago rite? But thanks now! Its great means a lot when you say my blog is freakkkkin fab!

Now coming to some important things, feelings rather. You know what, everytime i blog i feel a tingeof some feeling. Till date i kept wondering what it was but i have finally realised that that tinge is nothing but guilt which is building up every minute. Why the guilt? Why not is a better question! I am so stupid actually im whatever because i dont even comment on you people, but i swear its just that im not commenting i have read a lot, thanks to my cell! And its sad that as days pass by im not getting time to read. I miss all those writes

Judd's amazing, inspiring, touching writes
Nuchu's truthful, sweet ones
Vinu's fabulous poetry,
The Writers Lounge and the beautifully talented people there
Ste's fun stories
Juhi's drawings and so emo songs
Rush's everything writing
Tulip, her beautiful poems and amazing selection of pictures

And so many more things. I swear i feel that it sucks, sucks  (sorry no foul language) is unfair of me! And im so happy you people understand! All of you mean a lot to me, its just coz of bitter gourd and sweet pea's pressure and my own pressure to do well in boards! So hopefully i will get time one day soon when there is 72 hours in a day to read all of you!

Till then!

Love! :)


Randomly me!
Alice Cullen


  1. It's okay darling.. We understand... :)

    Most important is studies than reading our Blogs :)

    Then after you examz... you can always come and read our blogs, clicking the older posts link! :)

    Take care dear :)

  2. coco!! you're really good!! at blogging!! ;)