Tuesday, November 10, 2009

201.A sonshu-tale:)

"This is a fairytale about a princess who lived in a distant land. This tale begins the day a great occasion came before the people living in this quaint and humble country land. It was on a beautiful day , when a delicate baby princess, whose forthcoming had not been foreseen by many, was born. Upon her arrival, many souls of the land looked at her as quite a foreigner. The little princess had wings, and she was named Sonshu. It wasn't until many years passed by that the princess, who hadn't any idea of her Angelic and Goddess qualities, eventually came to make a magical difference in her world. She had this power of words. She wrote what she desired, but no one knew about her abilities. One day she felt a deep desire to travel outside the castle walls. So, she got up her courage and headed out the gates of the castles. As she moved about the city, her presence seemed to spark fear in those who laid eyes upon her. Nonetheless, she continued to stroll through the city, and then out into the country land, while people watched and stared. They did not understand that her wings had a use. They looked upon her as quite an unusual sight. Yes, this place was the Writer's Lounge where she touched everyone's heart with her words. And then she and everyone realized what her wings were for. Her wings were for her to fly high in this world of writing. She created her beautiful land called the Sonshu land, and lived happily ever after with her of words and touching hearts :)"

I'm so glad that Sonshu is completing her 200 posts here so soon:)
And more surprising was the mail, asking me to do such a great honour:)
I remember talking to this li'l angel once, and how enthusiastically she told me about her ambition to be an author. Way to go girl!! A very promising writer, and I'm too lucky to come across her!

I hope to see 2000th, 20000th...and so on posts from your side in this beautiful land of yours:)

Loads of Love and hugs,


  1. i love the sonshu tale..its deeply inspiring and heart warming...a great end to a cheerful beginning!!

  2. erm..morning..just new to this place..and gud tale there..and wishes n prayers for the angel to live all her dreams..

  3. nice tale..so meaningfull. I wish the same for Sonshu. Congrats Sonshu :)

  4. @Rush: Oh hehehe rose is indeed brilliant!

  5. @Shravan: Hello! Welcome! thanks, i know the story is amazing! rose is brilliant and a great story teller! hoping to see ya soon

  6. oh great!
    so the tale got published finally!:P

    i don knw where i have been since all these days, but i really missed blogging, and on top of that my li'l angel princess a lot...thanks for liking it ppl :)

    god bless:)