Sunday, November 1, 2009

200. Celebration Time Again!!!

Hola Amigos!

Its celebration time again! Once again i have decided to go celebrating coz ive completed my 200 posts. Im so happy *jumps up and down*

Yes, today is the day, this is my 200th post. I remember 30th November, at about 12 noon, I remember the exact time, yes it was noon and i had returned from my tutions a while ago, My friend had told me something like blogging existed, my zeal took me here and i was there with my brand new blogspot website. It was called "Sonshu's Corner" Yes thats what it was. Till about say January i had only about 3 readers all of whom were my relatives and friends (god, they read all my crap nonsense speaking). That time i wrote poems ad stories but never posted em in here. In February i remember it was time to go strong blogging, i even got readers, a few. In May, i joined the Lounge and i was so overwhelmed with the responses i got. Aah!After that there was just no looking back!

Now coming to those- my closest friends!

I remember i met him through Tell a Tale. I always saw his name on the story list and curious i visited his blog. I saw that he was a very mature person and his poems and stories were written like a magician did magic. His poems were what attracted me. I visited his blog daily, nonetheless i didnt comment. Soon i decided i should tell him how brilliant he was. I wanted to be friends, because seriously before him i dont think i had known anyone with such strong desire to become an author. Soon we were great friends and got along well. Of course Judd is one of my most precious friends and he has taught me so much by his poems. I look up to him. I adore his writings. 

Roshwrites aka Rosh aka Roshni
Yes, ive known Rosh for a while now. I came across her through my following list i guess. I decided to visit her blog. I went there and loved the space, the writings and stuff. I thought she was a college girl coz i read two- three poems. Soon i came to know she was younger than I. I was shocked. I mean such a small kid with amaazinnng talents I was astounded. But soon we became great friends. And we are amazing friends, ive chatted with her once only but we interact through mails and stuff. Anyways Rosh is a gem and a great person.

 Vinay aka Leo:

Vinu ive known since May and i met him on the Lounge. Chatting and chattin on that shout box we bonded. He took my personal id and we even chatted a lot. He told me i could call him bhaiya! So his new name was Vinu Bhaiya. Ever since i knew him i had heard he was an amazing poet and people kept calling him god of poetry. I wondered and then began reading. His poetry seemed so good and it was. I adored it and soon i was a fan! He even taught me all about syllables!  He has been a great friend and an amazing person to know. My teacher too! Hip Hip Hurrah!


I think Prats was one of the first people i met on Blog. I mean she was the one who lead me to Amias, the lounge and stuff her blog was so attractive that i kept reading it almost 20 times a day, the tags and stuff amused me. She has been a great help and a friend! I will always treasure this friend and her blog, the first time i saw it, that look will be treasured!

Kajal aka Pink Orchid

Kajal, i remember those sweet comments which touched my heart. She was really an inspiration, i saw her enthusiasm to blog, to speak her mind out and that inspired me to blog more frequently. She even told me how to photo edit with that amazing website! Kajal has been one of the sweetest persons ever and is a great friend! mwaaah!


Amias is and was a huge support and she encouraged me and also helped me. She, like my family answered every question i asked, however silly it might ahve been, helping me when i want, promoting my blog and other stuff. Amias has done a lot for me and i love her for that! She even writes so well, i look up to her! And she is always close to my heart. Thanks so much for being with me Amias!


Ms.R fascinated me by the name. I wondered and was puzzled by the why Ms.R and i still am really puzzled. Her writings were really touching and so real. She spoke from the heart and wrote so well. She was a guide. We used to chat everyday (those were the days, i had time) She even revealed a huge secret to me and is still my friend. Nonetheless we dont chat everyday but she will always be dear to me!


Nusrath aka Nuchu is really sweet. I tell you sweet! The comments on facebook, likes on photos, everything is just so sweet about her. She has been a darling and a friend to me! I admire and adore the charm in her face and sweetness in the words. She's a pearl! Nuchu mwaaah to you! Cheers! Even though i dont get time these days to read her im sure she does great.Keep rocking!

Arun, Ste and Tan:

These are some really great people i tell you! They chat with me when im online and are like brothers to me! Yes Tan gives me fabulous advice, Arun helps with songs and stuff, Ste gave me my friends through Lounge! Their friendship makes me smile and keeps me entertained! 

School friends

When i first began blogging it was they who read me, who were beside me supporting my craziness. Raji, Nilima, Deepti etc. I want to write a lot about them but that would be unfair because even they have so much to say. So why not hear about my relation with my friends from them. Coming soon....

Other Blog Friends -Including all readers

Of course you people are most dear to me, to have read my non sense?? Oh fish, im sure i love you people so much!  But dont wonder why i havent written a special box for you? Well thats because of a million reasons. Not only that you guys are so special , there's so much to say and no time at all! Think of this as a gift from me to you!

"I love you guys, all of you are dear to me, each one of you, even those who cared to comment once, those who read but dont comment, those who smile, those that are friends! All of you are dear to me just like the others! Keep commenting!"

Yes, this  200th post i kept you waiting for about two whole months. And im sorry. It may not be exactly what your expecting because you might have expected a lot! But the sad part is im in tenth and i hardly get time to breathe. Its so hectic. If you want to know whether why i am cribbing, its not only me. Listen to this, Raji wrote on her blog: 

I haven't blogged in ages or so..
A million reasons why.

There is so much i have to say..and so little time.

Anyway,Im still alive,hale and hearty.
I promise to write very soon.

*group hug*

We people seem to have no time. Last year Nilima and i actually spoke for half an hour on the phone most days, Dips and I toh spoke for an hour! But now days the phone hardly seems to ring, here or there! The point is we are being pressurized, the boards, the boards, extra classes, tutions, tests, so much. Since all of us are in different classes now we hardly get to talk. We dont even see each other everyday. (Its only dips and i who meet for lunch) Im waiting for these boards- March 2010 to get over, then I'll freak, you wont even have tie to read the number of posts I will make in a day! 

Until next time!




  1. Awwwwwww!! that's so sweet of you darling!


    God bless you loads :)

    Keep writing dearie:)

    I am there always for you.. to encourage you and wish you good on whatever you do!

  2. Congrats sonshu god bless u and u Write more and more beautiful posts loads of love take care...


  3. Oh, Sonshu! That was truly an inspirational post. You've gone so far now. I thank you for mentioning me, and telling me the other side of the story.

    We're all on our way to becoming great authors -- even the ones who've already been published. So, Sonshu, keep on writing. There will be bumps along the road, but always know you've got us to back you up!

    Again, congratulations on this, your 200th post.

  4. Congratulations dear..
    God bless you:)Keep writing sweets:)

  5. there is somethin for u:) collect it dear

  6. congrats shonshu... sorry for the late wishes... :)
    danks bor menjaning me... so sweet of you..