Tuesday, September 8, 2009

199. From Kuyerjudd to Sonshu

I have a handful of words to describe my blogging life before I came across Sonshu months ago--quiescent, inconsequential... mute. Yes, I posted every once in a while, but I never communicated with anyone much. There was just the writer and the readers; my art and all of you. I wasn't giving my readers much of who I was underneath each word, which was how any writer should be writing as; just of what my Muse was saying, but none by me.

I guess you could say I owe Sonshu for who I am today. But not just because of help with social-networking sites, but more on the support she gives me. I only have a handful of followers, which I am grateful for; but none of that even matters, because each one of them is unique in their own way--especially Sonshu.

For one, Sonshu's writing style is definitely interesting. I love the way how each word just flows onto the next. It's ineffable, and yet I hear so much of her from just one, palpable and loud.

Sonshu is well on her way to becoming the next... No. She's on her way to becoming her own great author.

She has relatively a lot more to learn, but that just makes her more of a star than ever. A diamond in the rough, if you will.

Sonshu, I have nothing more but words to congratulate your successful 200 posts, both because I'm the to-go-to guy for graphics (my book cover was a fluke) and because I feel that gratitude--for everthing you've taught me--is more present in words. It's our magnum opus; it's our masterpiece, each one; it's the very link that binds all of us here.

You may be asking yourself what you might have possibly taught me. Well, I can tell you this, Sonshu. You've taught me a lot about who I am. You reminded me of who I was, tacitly gave me a view of who I will be, and hence have given me a and c, which would then equal b: the present, who I am. And I thank you for that, Sonshu.

You will forever be one of the greatest friends I ever made online.


  1. Oh my god Judd, that was so touching, I didnt know i had done so much, and of course u will always be a great online friend. After i met you i realised that i had someone else like me, with the same passion for writing, and indeed i have a lot to learn, but im sure you'll help me! thanks!for the lovely post, this was one which touched my heart

  2. thats such a cute post for darling Sonshu!!

  3. soo sweet...beautifully expressed dear..i thank sonshu too for u:)..brilliant post:)

    congrats princess:)

  4. thats so sweet post for sonshu :)...

    hi sis how r u doin...been a while i was around hope everything is goin fine take care..


  5. I'm glad that everyone liked the post. Congrats again for the 200 posts, Sonshu!

  6. Congrats dear u r going to complete ur 200th post :)

  7. Hey shonshu... congrats on ur 200 posts once again... sorry i couldnt post a guest post on time... :-(
    I was just lazy n took some time off from blogosphere...
    Just now visiting ur blog n seeing the line up of cute guest posts... awesome...

  8. Hey there Princess, congrats on your 200th posts!

    There's a great friendship budding here. Cheers to you both.