Monday, September 7, 2009

198. The Amazing Princess - I am proud to know her :)

Hey Everyone!
                      I am another Princess here.. An elder one :P  My name is Nusrath and I am well known as Princess Nuchu (rhymes well with princess Sonshu na?? :) )

Well, Sonshu asked me to write a guest post long time back.. And I was supposed to post it on last last last thursday.. But, due to my lack of time and laziness , I am sorry Sonshu.. But, I feel happy that atleast now I can and I am writing a post for the wonderful and amazing Blog :)

I know this sweet adorable and amazing princess through a group blog named Writers' lounge ( I bet u all know the link to that place).

I always feel that she is matured in thoughts for her age.. Coz' I have a brother of her age and he is still a kid.. Or may be Sonshu is an intelligent kid :)

She is very creative.. I love her acrostics.. God bless her and her talents :)

A poem for the amazing princess

I met a Princess few months back
She has a Royal Blog and
She writes Inspiring stuffs in it.
And she has Not only one blog, she also is a part of another Blog,
Through which I Came to know her.
It's called the Writers' lounge, the Enthusiastic place.
She makes me So impressed by her works.
She is a talented Sweetheart.

She was named as Sonshu
One among the amazing teens in the lounge..
She is Nice to get along with.
In Blogger's World, She is well known as Princess Sonshu
I wish this Utimate Blogger A wonderful Two Hundredth post celebration :)

I hope the Poem was Okay and Sonshu likes it! :P

I wish all her wonderful dreams come true and she achieves all her goals and a bright future with loads of happiness.

Thank you so much Sonshu dear for giving me this oppurtunity to write in your precious blog! Love you so much.

>>Hugs && Kisses<<


  1. nice one Nuchu:)...:)..very pretty like a princess

  2. Aaaaww..that was so sweet~!

    I loved the acrostic..I'd thank you for writing a guest post for me..I love this!! mwaaah!!! thankeeeeeee!!!

    HOPING to have u next time too! ;)

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