Sunday, September 6, 2009

197. A Sonugraphy

Three months back.. on a hot summer day... I was sitting at the Lounge. It was a busy day, and the place was abuzz with excitement. Members were in such a hurry to get to business. Planes of poetry and prose and tags and what not.. were taking off and landing. I could hardly hear the speakers over the din. A smile on my face, I just relapsed and watched the fiasco unfold.

The announcer Admin's voice came over the microphone suddenly, "All members are hereby notified that we have a new member in our presence. The lounge welcomes the cute little princess of the beautiful region of Sonshuland, Princess Sonshu herself, to share her thoughts with us here at the Lounge. Give her a warm welcome, and let us have fun together."

I had only heard of the little princess and her sweet acrostics and stories through a friend of mine, Queen of Acrosticland, Amias. Her acrostic for teens poems were beautiful, and along with Little Rosh & Kuyer Judd, the trio were quite talented and fast coming into blogs. When in the Lounge chat box, I saw her talking so friendly, I immediately felt a brotherly affection toward her, and asked her for her personal ID, so I could listen to her nice thoughts and have some fun times with her at her kingdom and at some times, in the Lounge. She gave me, and with time, this little princess has become a royal friend and little sister to me. Her writing has risen to more beautiful levels, and is becoming better day by day. I feel it a delight to know her and be a follower of her kingdom and her journey as a princess.

I wrote a guest scroll for her, when she completed a hundred and fifty lovely reads. I had known here for very less time then, and could only manage a small acrostic for her. She liked it never the less! Time has passed by, and now this kingdom is nearing two hundred reads from its ruler, who has given me an honor of writing another guest scroll in these hallowed halls of fame. A royal treat for me, so to speak. This little dedication, is what I've managed to write, and I hope she likes it. 

I wish only the best for her, to become what she dreams to become, and for me to continue to visit her kingdom and be by her side as she grows into Queen Sonshu someday. I hope our friendship continues to grow, and lots of love from this brother to his little princess sister. 

Dear Princess Sonshu
I wish you the very best
I admire your works
May you always write like so
Lots of love from me
Chase your dreams passionately
Take care! Keep Writing

A virtual brother, The Amatuer Poet...


  1. A wondeful post :) Nice one LEO and Sonshu happy 200th post dear :)

    I am yet to complete mine.. I am so sorry!!

  2. Hey... what a sweet post from Leo to Sonshu :)

  3. Thats a special dedication ..:)

    Lovely ..!

    Happy blogging Sonshu ..:)

  4. Aaaww..thankeee so much for that vinu, that was adorably amazing and sweet of u! Loved the posts..Mwaaah...thanks so much. Liked everything abt it!

  5. Leo, a beautiful post for a special Princess Sonshu. Congrats on reaching your 200th post. Looking forward to loads more from you Sonu. All the very best wishes

  6. Congrats on reaching your 200th post Princess:)..

    very nice one leo:)...