Thursday, September 3, 2009

196. Bella and Alice- Their Universe...

HIII..... all my fellow bloggers, known folk, unknown folk, friends, classmates and of course *hugs* Alice! :) In case you all didn't know already, I call Sonshu, Alice because she so resembles Alice Cullen (the lovable vampire in the twilight series)

First Id like to say a big thank you to Alice for being so nice and asking me ( or rather 'forcing me' ) to write this really random guest post....

The saddest part is that i still dont know what i should be writing about. As I sit here thinking of all the possible things to write about..I am struck with a sudden bolt of realization. (No i am not about to preach about scientology) 

I realize that this is my last year in school...also the last year in which me and Sonshu will have random laugh riots and ridiculously insane 'fun' ... *sigh* Yes, i dedicate this honorary post to what we (me and Sonshu) do in school and how much I am going to miss it when it is all over...

Well to begin with, I have been in my school ever since 4th grade and Alice probably from the 6th grade. We became class mates in the 8th grade (as students who opted for hindi as second language). I barely knew her then. I was quite taken aback by her strangeness and the way in which she barely spoke to anybody else and kept all top herself. I remember she used to wear that mundane cherry read sweater every single day. (She still does that in fact). I even thought she was unfriendly and a snob. What probably united us as a pair of great friends was 'Twilight' . But there again we differ. (I am not and will never be as mad as her for romantic books as she is).

Oh yes....we differ in every possible manner. However I daresay there is one similarity. (Don't try guessing because I'm sure you DON'T know what it is) Its the 'craziness' (also called booglaboogla-ish ness.) :P

We love random photography and collect crazy junk jewelry. We burst into crazy laughter for no reason and really give teachers a tough time. (Remember tutions?!) We also love Italian food. And of course WE LOVE EDWARD!! ...

Two things im positively (or negatively) sure of:
  1. I hate myself
  2. I hate myself for the simple reason that i lack time management. My day seems to have barely 2 hours instead of 24 hours...thats so unfair!
I dont find time to write a neat little guest post for my dearest buddy...I write the post during Geography class (Ive always hated Geography)...
So umm...thats it then. I bet Sonshu will have an eternal grudge against me for contaminating her blog with my mundane thread of thought. i do hereby promise to write something more decent...

Until my next guest post,
Take Care...
Raji (Bella/Jooni/ can call me anything you want) :D

*Group hug*

PS: (A note from the princess) : As you all know how busy Raji is, so she wrote it and gave it to me so i could post it!

Original copies of what Raji wrote for me: (Sorry for the bad quality my phone camera sucks isnt good)


  1. Okie seriously raji i love you!!! omg i loved this post. It was so sweet, when i read it in the luch break it brought tears to my eyes, it took me back to the lovely times we've shared in less than a year.It does...oh my bella!!!

    I loved it dahling!!! mwaaah!!! btw ill soon tell u what i thought first abt u, u will laugh!

  2. i hope u and sonshu are bbf looong after hug (((())))))

  3. *hugs* Alice..
    Thankee Rush!
    *hugs rush*

    hey,what DO you think of me,alice?
    im cuuuuurious..

    and yur blog's really really pretty especially after the pretty black n white pic yu've put up there..

  4. @RajiL Aaaww..thankee hmm..ill tell u that if i ever do a guest post for u