Friday, August 7, 2009

A Victory....

What does it feel like when you win something?? Good? Great? Awesome?? Well im sure each one is different! But when it comes to me im over joyed about it.

Today was my last school fest for me since its my last year in school! So can you believe God decided to award me a prize? I won SECOND PLACE in Poetry!!!

Princess Sonshu was awarded Second Place in the Words Worth poetry writing competition!!!!!!!

They totally said no to copying it and stuff. But luckily i remember the first stanza so here i go...

Our mother is so gentle
Yet she seems so strong
No matter what it is
She makes us feel we belong....

(this isnt the medal, i got a certificate and an award, a memento kinda...its brown and has the school name and the fest name and also second place written!)

Yes it was on mother...and there were 40 PARTICIPANTS and i came my teachers were so happy and they even kissed me!

Well today is a lucky day i guess! But sadly Raji and I didnt win whats the good word!

Well gotta go do my winning dance! I won something!! Next time, in the college fest i will get 1st!

Until next time
Signing off
An overly joyed princess!


  1. congratulations dear!
    may more awards grace ur life in the future, and all of them be winners awards! :D :)

    enjoy the celebrations! :)

  2. @Leo: awww..thanks a load! i hope i will get first everytime now!


  3. Congrats shosnshu...
    hope u win still more in future..

    n ur last yr in school???
    hey u r in 10th only rite??

  4. Congratulations, dear :)

    Please feel free to take the 'I did' award :)


  5. i would love to see the real prize...please put a pic of that..this is so much fun((hugs)) truly derserve it...ur poems never fail to touch hearts...i guess thats the sole purpose of good poetry.

  6. @Arun: Yeah im in 10th after which i wont continue 11th and 12th in my school coz they have no journalism or literature

  7. @KidoL Thanks..i will accept it and add on in the next post

  8. @Rush: AAWWW...that was sweet...i will upload a pic!

  9. you won and you deserve every bit of it.. god bless.. and congratulations..