Monday, August 31, 2009

195. Rosh Writes for Sonshu!!!

Hey everyone! Well this is Roshni aka roshwrites here to write a guest post for my fab friend Sonshu!

I found Sonshu's blog a few months after I started blogging... dunno how, but I did! Anyway I was so happy to see someone similar to my age! (I'm 12)
And Sonshu was happy she wasn't the youngest one anymore! Heehee :)
Then we started sending emails to each other... and once, only once, me and Sonshu were online at the same time! (cause of the time difference between India and here is 4 and a half hours in the summertime here, if I come on at 7 or 8 everyone is likely to be sleeping!)
So we chatted away!
That was a lil award for you, Sonshu! Do accept it :)
Now a haiku!
Sonshu is my friend
I haven't known her for long,
But she is so kind!
Another haiku!
You've almost reached 200!
Wow I am so pleased!

Now a acrostic!
Wonderful achievement!
Overly lovely posts!
Wonderfully carrying on...
Love from Rosh aka roshwrites


  1. Aaaw...thankee rosh..U are really a darling!! mwaaaah!! this post was so nice, it made me smile, i loved the haiku's and the acrostic!!! ur indeed a brilliant one! im so glad to have met u and have u as my friend! once again thankeee and mwaaaah!! thanks for the wonderful opening of guest posts!

  2. soo cute haiku:)..

    congrats princess:)..

  3. Your welcome Sonshu! Glad you liked it! :) :) :)

  4. Thanks so much rosh!! of course i loved it!