Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Nameless Post i can say

I know its been a week, an awfully long one and i haven't blogged. In fact its been 1 week and 1 day! ive missed you but i can give you an appropriate reason for my prolonged absence, I have been having severe headaches, eye watering, itching in the eye and other symptoms of me getting specks. I mean finally i might get em so im adviced to stay away from stuff like the computer. not that i want to get it! But that, if i get it and my bad headache goes i dont mind. Reaaally.

Well now coming to the guest posts, my friends are working on it, Rosh i think has saved half hers and she will post it soon. So thats about it, and the others i have no idea, maybe i'll just get people who want to do it to do it. Probably!

By the way i read a lot of books:

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Shopaholic Goes Abroad
Blood and Chocolate
A Thousand Splendid Suns
A couple of Nancy Drew's which were left unread by me in my library

And i loved all the books. Really. They were all different genres so it was all the more better. Thats about it all.

I will be a little bit more irregular coz if my head aches and i supposedly get specks (going to the optho today) then i'll have to reduce my time on the computer. Sadly.

Lets see. Oh bhagwan, bachao! LOL!

Sorry i didnt type that much nor did i attach a pic, just that im in a hurry, ive to download 10 songs, do this post and then go to the ophtho (thats a shorter name)

Wish me luck!!

Love ya guys!


  1. hey bhagwan...chashma, double battery.

    im kidding okay!! i remember when i was a kid, i always wanted to wear a pair, made me feel like a scholar ;)

  2. take care dear...all the very best...:)..if not spectacles go for contacts:)...chill sweetie:)..take care

  3. The specks side effect thingy will pass...
    take care...
    fyi...i'm workin on my guest post too... :-D

  4. I had specs... not that bad they were! But of course, mine were pink Barbie ones! Heehee!
    I'm ready with your guest post, do post it whenever you want :)

  5. Specs are not that bad ... :-P ... its the logo of a smart kid .. :-D

  6. @Rush: Hahah!!!

    Hmm..i too used im wondering!

  7. @Tulip: Yeah, but in the beginning we're not supposed to

  8. @ArunL Hmm..yeah i guess....oh im waiting then!

  9. @Rosh: I was not able to come online now ill do it