Saturday, August 1, 2009

Googling it!

Hello peeps!

I found this tag on Vinu's blog after him guiding me there due to my continuous search for tags!So here i go and believe me its fun

I have to Google my name, followed by NEEDS and write down the top 5 answers given by the search. This is going to be amazing!

I googled Sonshu and all that turned up were links to my blog and my blogcatalog and stuff like that. So i will pick five stuff in order skipping ones that are actually my links!

Sonshu needs American Idol Auditions at Memphi (Ok well i dont sing good for American idol!)

Sonshu needs to track the tax income payed by her online (Well i dont pay tax!! Im not earning for heavens sake...)

Sonshu needs Bio Booster Armor Guyver, a manga series ( oh god!!! i dont read comics or manga's!)

Sonshu needs Amiga scrolling game plat
form ( What in the world is that now???)

Sonshu needs definition of Son Shu Si ( Ok...why do i end up with weird stuff??)

Okie that was so weird i mean i turned up with the most non existent stuff! I pass this tag to all the bloggers and people who are reading it!

And yes i saw Harry Potter with friends yesterday! It was my first outing with so many friends. Coming soon memoir of the day!

Anyways exams are officially over now. And i freaked out yesterday. The coming friday that is 7th is our School Day like A fest so its going to be amazing and kinda free this week.

And also to tell you people that you can find me on twitter where i am mostly. Heres my id: Princess Sonshu

Well bye tadas for the timing!

UPDATE: I am Changing my template again only because the previous look was so not chirpy and bubbly like me! It was too not me! So heres the new look! See how it is and comment!


  1. Ha ha .. have done it before ... unexpected and extremely funny answers you get sometimes.. :P

  2. u are cute and funny!!
    liked the weirdo stuff!!

  3. he he weird stuff alrite..
    N u changed the template... its cute n chirpy n bubbly.. :-)

  4. @HarshL Yes funny and weird answers...!!

  5. @Arun: Yeah WEIRD! and heheheh! =)