Friday, August 14, 2009

Girls Day Out

Seriously have i become that boring??? grrr?? Do you yawn when i write? Where are people?? I mean no one commenting these days?? sleeping huh? Busy? 

 31st July, 2009
Well today i am going to finally write something interesting! 

So it was just another boring random day ok. And it was a holiday after our so boring exams. But we girls have a tendency of making things interesting . Yeah so we planned to watch the much awaited release of 2009 Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Yeaaah!! It was like so exciting. 

So i was supposed t get up at 7am and stuff but i ended up getting up at 6am. Can you believe it? But luckily no darkcircles. So i got up and decided it was better to get ready than to sit and waste time lethargically. So i had a head wash and put on my jeans and a blue and black top. And did my hair and was ready. (After the other stuff, earring etc) 
Then till 8.30 i was damn restless.
Still restless at 9

More restless at 9.15

Raji was supposed to be here by 9.30 and she still had to have her breakfast. Oh gosh. I told her to move fast so she got her breakfast along with her and the autodriver came too. So Ruhi, Raji and me got in and were off to pick Nilima up from Woody's. So we went there and saw Nili randomly walking on the road so i screamed her name and she got into the auto. So four of us squeezed into an auto.
"Eli haan, eli left togolbaku." Thats how you converse with the auto driver in kannada!

So we ended up at Dips after rights and lefts. 

We then spent time along with Nidhi who Dips picked  up. We sat in Dips room. And clicked loads of pictures and had fun as usual playing and stuff. Then it was time to leave for Sigma Mall so we got into her Innova. We all sang and clicked more pics. We played antakshari and Dips's mom might have thught we were crazy. So nili, alice and dips were at the back and nidhi, ruhi and bella at the front. And we sang and i played songs on my cell.

Then we ended up in Sigma.

We headed towards Mac Donald

Ate burger

Chubbed on fingerchips

Clicked pictures

Then we took off for the movie. It was time. So we searched the floor and finally sat in the hall. Then the advertisements started and finally Harry Potter came.  So our group decided



Thats how we screamed and people joined in. 

The movie was good not as greaaatt as i expected it to be. Seriously.

Dumbledore died. 

I cried and cried. 

Deepti looked at me like i was a maniac.
Then i cursed Snape

Then we got up and went to the rest room with dips mom standing out and waiting. We chatted there for 20 minutes since no one was there. When we came out dips mom thought we died!

Then we got to dips home and had loads of fun playing and listening to music. Then we got dropped and the day ended. I didnt forget to take feedback from people who were in the car when the idea struck me

Ruhi:  A day i can never forget, even if i want to!
Nilima: It was greaat!!
Raji/Bella: The most randomly random fun day everr!!!
Dipsy: Words cant describe how i feel now
Me/Alice: A day i'd call Royal day of the girls...Superbtastic!!

And thats how a cherished memory ends....


Journal entry ends


  1. yea.. this HP was kinda undercooked... more like a promo for the next two HP movies...

  2. @Arun: Yeah i agree! it wasnt that good!

  3. you sure had fun.. :) made me smile..

    way to go! that was some royal day out... :)

  4. @Rane: Thanks!! i had loads of fun!

  5. Sounds like lots of fun!! Thanks for sharing!