Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gimme 5

Hello peeps! 

Well i am here with Gimme 5. Ive been tagged by Leo aka Vinu.And by the way its Leo's birthday today! So here's wishing him, a dear friend of mine,


He's an amazing poet as all of you must know, so here's wishing him all the luck and love. Mwaaah!!!

More about the TAG:
The idea is, to list five items in each category and not necessarily in order of liking. You can always add or subtract categories according to your will. Then tag five people.

My five favorite words:
  1. Shucks- I dont know why but ive been using this word ever since
  2. Aaawww...- I love aawing, it makes me feel emo, and i am very very emotional
  3. Stinks- When people stink (pun again) 
  4. LOL- Its an abbreviation but i say "LOL dude"
  5. Gosh- I guess this has no reason or probably coz i love to exclaim
My five favourite celebrity crushes:
  1. Zac Efron- He is so chweet...really lovely, and also he is so gentlemanly
  2. Robert Pattinson- Hot spells his middle name
  3. Joe Jonas- He is really cute!!!
  4. David Henrie- Really adorable darling, mwaah!
  5. Daniel Radcliffe- First crush probably
 My five favourite comic characters
  1. Calvin - He is so brainy, indeed
  2. Hobbes- Adorable and cute
  3. Archie- Roadside Romeo, his flirt-iness is worth the watch.
  4. Mr Bean- However dumb he may be his stupidity makes me laugh out loud (Does he count lol!)
  5.  Suppandi- Lol ive read him since i was a kid sucking my thumb
My five favourite literary characters
  1. Edward Cullen - Of course i love him, its obvious and i can type 1 whole post on how and why i love him
  2. Alice Cullen- Well she's me so i love her, lol
  3. Mia- I like her normal-ness, she isnt perfect and i can sort of relate to her at times not always
  4.  Michael Moscovitz- I just love that name, he is so good to be a BF, and i liek that snowflake necklace
  5. Nancy Drew - She was my idol, for a while
Five people i want to tag
  1. Any one who wants to do it
  2. Kuyerjudd
  3. Khaay
  4. Rush me
  5. Choco


  1. he he... I just posted the same tag in my blog... :-D

    lols n the celeb crushes... I could have closed m eyes n wud have guessed 4 of them on ur list...
    n u dont like bella??? !!! :-(

  2. hey cool...we love same comic characters!!:)...good one dear:)..

  3. u are a Mr. bean fan too?
    u have stopped coming on my blogs :(

  4. @Arun: Aahh..saw it..will comment soon! Haa the celeb crushes. I like bella but i prefer alice over her, as a couple i love bella and edward but then individually i prefer alice over bella or rather i can say i am more of alice, bella's character cant be compared to alice's so its like that. I like both. Maybe bella would be 6th

  5. @yellow tulip: We do?? oh really thats great!! thanks!

  6. @Rush: nah..ill come soon, i came already! well i like him!

  7. Hey! Hadn't logged into twitter for a while now and did not know of this tag! Looks like fun. Will save it for a rainy day. :)