Friday, August 21, 2009

Counting 1, 2, 3....

I am yet again here with a guess what?




Tag time...lets do the tag dance

One tag here,
another tag there
here a tag, there a tag
everywhere theres tag tag
Someone tagged me,
Oh yaay me
Tag tag tag tag
Tage-dy Tage-dy tag!
lets all do the tags!!
So lets do this tag vinu tagged me in, coz he has bestowed me with the title "Tag gal"  
So basically i have to do numbers and relate each number to my life

1. Its the number of siblings i have
2. Best Friends Forever's
3. Number of networking sites i actively am on
4. My mom's favourite number
5. My brother felt it was the greatest number, greater than 10, when he was a kid
6. With two more 6's its the number of the beast, so i dislike it
7. My favourite number, lucky too
8. Number i don't care about
9. Dogs once chased me
10. Minutes i took to complete the tag
11. My BFF's birthday
12. Midnight is the best time, i love it
13. The number i like, muahaha
14.Troy Bolton's T-shirt number
15. Novels i have read in one week

I tag Yellow Tulip, Arun, Miss Kiddo, Fatima


  1. u were chased by 9 dogs? :O

    did u get a double digit number of injections? or u got home safe? :)

    nice tag! u r "tag gal" alright! :)

  2. wow...tat was mast "tag gal":)...( dogs!!...wat actually happened?..really i'm curious:)..

    n yaa thank u dear:)..surely will do this:)..nice one:)

  3. @Leo: Yes i was chased by 9 dogs, i didnt get any injections coz i ran for my life, cycled actually!


  4. @Tulip: Oh thanksee!! waiting for urs!

  5. Most interesting to read, not so good being chased by nine dogs but pleased you were not hurt.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blogs, much appreciated.


  6. @Yvonne: oh my pleasure, i knw it was horrific but im glad too i was safe

  7. u read 15 novels in a single week??? how did u do that???

    Thanks for the tag Shonshu...
    I've did this tag already... :P

  8. Thanks for joining my followers, much appreciated.


  9. tagety tag..even im dancing wit you reading this!!

  10. @Arun: yeah! thats why i call me a bookaholic! lol! anyways ill check it out thanks for doing it!

  11. @Rush: Aawww...Welcome awaiting urs