Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A conversation..

Seriously i mean, this isnt fair. I have all the fever, cough and stuff and on top of that i have a severe writers block,  yes me not able to write anything thats how bad it has got.  So well i kinda am pissed off with the fact that i will not be able to enchant you with my poetry or stuff like that. But then i can randomly chat cant i? 

How good it is to have close and sweet friends. I mean its really very sweet. Ok here's what happened today morning when i was texting Bella. Today it seems there wasnt exact school. Anyway Bella texted that school took them to an auditorium. And here's how it went

Bella: Hey sonshu jobless at the audi....whatcha upto?
Alice: Nothin. Lying on bed with a head ache
Bella: Awww...Alice me and dipsy are missing you. Wish you were here. Dippy says hi

And i was so happy that they missed me but at the same time i was sad that i wasnt able to spend today with them only because of my sickness. I mean its so sad!! I miss school, a whole week, its too much to miss for a person who loves school. I seriously am a freak good girl to do so i know but i do
Now writing this convo between us, kinda inspired me to write this one 

Boy: You look so pretty
Girl: *blushes*
Boy: You do look really pretty
Girl: Thanks....
Boy: Come here sweety
Then a bird comes sits on his hand.
Boy: Aaawww birdie you are the prettiest ever...

Well thats all i have got for today. I know that was so boring. But with a writers block i really cant help it you see.


  1. how u feeling now?
    take precautions honeybun...

  2. :-D
    cute convo...

    this was the new template u were talking about or this is the gonna be changed template???