Thursday, August 6, 2009

AO: Reincarnation

What if you both loved each other that the bond had to break, the closeness was too much that the result was teary..But what if you were meant for each other...eternally and always...??? Will the love be born again?

Prompt 10

Remember the time you sat hand in hand
Especially the love that bloomed
In between you was so pure
Not how it ended though
Crying so bad
Amidst it all of it
Romance was missing
Now he's back in your life
Again but this seems so new and nice
Together you are always
In day and in nights...
Oh its so nice to see...
New born is the love again...


  1. Nice theme... n good acro..

    how did the poem competitions go??

  2. I WON SECOND PLACE!!! Thanks its for AO!

  3. so nice acro and theme Sonu! loved the lines... its beautiful!

    congrats for the competition! next time u become first ok?! :)

  4. This piece has such great potentials as an acrostic, but it such a wonderful and feeling poem for one so young. Bravo!

  5. @Amias: Oh thanks a lot!!! really thanks...that made my day!

  6. @Leo: Oh thankee!!!! Yeah next time first!