Thursday, August 20, 2009

AO: Pawn

 Pawns are always ignored and called weakest link and stuff. But have we thought about how they fill a whole line in the chess squares. Without them can we play, we cant start without them. This shows their importance, nothing is inferior, no one superior
Prompt 2

Powerless is what it is
Aiming at those small moves
Without it, chess wont be
Neither one nor two, eight of them shows its importance

Read the acrostic on Ants in Your Pants and Danger..scroll down!


  1. nice :)

    after the game is over The kings n pawns go into the same box... :-D

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  3. @Arun : Hmm...i didnt know that! Im very baddd at chess!

  4. @Onion insights: thanks, ill think abt it!

  5. Without the pawns, there can be no king or queens, no government can govern nor be elected to rule without the little people.

    Arun Kumar said it better ...

    You did well Princess!

  6. love the post <3

    & what's congo?
    thankyou for the comment!
    I've just been pretty busy lately!

  7. Love how you took this acrostic and related it to chess! A pawn is an important piece. Sometimes that nifty little buggar sneaks in and assures a piece taken is replaced.

    Enjoyed your acrostic

  8. @Khaay: Oh i see, same here, congo is congrads!

  9. @Missy: Thanks a load for that!!! nice to hear

    @Amit: Yeah thanks