Thursday, August 20, 2009

AO: Danger

This acrostic was inspired by none other than Bella.Yes, she is someone i admire for her bravery, not only for being around Edward but she has always been a brave person, seeing her makes me want to be courageous and fear nothing. This acrostic  I 
wrote, because i wanted to. Bella's middle name can be Danger for all the danger she has put herself in!  This was a writers choice

Prompt 7

Distant from it we all wish to stay
Away from the woods and all prey
Not like is a girl
Grave danger she puts herself in
Edward was one too,
Remains she the bravest of them all- Bella

Scroll down to read the acrostic on Ants in your Pants, my first humor one


  1. no risk no rewards...:)...good one dear:)..DANGER beautifully personified:)

  2. she is the main starcast in Into the wild...ravishingly beautiful!!
    i was hooked on ;)

  3. What a wonderful tribute. Would like to know more about Bella --- ?