Thursday, August 6, 2009

AO: Cremation

When a loved one dies and is being cremated we all feel upset....But we dont know that that loved one is always with us. They never leave us whatever it may be. If you love that person then the love will remain forever, the bond between you both never incinerates...

Prompt 6

Crushing the body into ashes
Remains no more the person you loved
Eternally he has gone
Memories will remain
Always in your heart he will be
Talking to you in your mind
In your heart he has made a mark
One that will never incinerate
Not present in body but he is there through soul....


  1. u touched me there lady, he/she always lives in our hearts, a part of my one can take that away!!

  2. i love ur comments, u are one cute doll :)

  3. yep.. true what u said sonu...

    death doesnt mean he/she is gone forever! :) memories are so powerful and strong!

    nicely written!

  4. I agree with Leo, this is so very true .. and your poem spoke to the heart of the matter -- gone is not lost!