Saturday, August 8, 2009

AO: Mind Control

Wasnt i happy yesterday? Wasnt i? Was God not happy seeing me that way? Well whatever it is, now im sad, very very upset...Why? Well do you really ask? Im down with high fever, i feel like i am getting boiled ready to be eaten! Now isnt this bad!!! Well im going to not think about it and do an for AO...

What about the mind? Does the mind do what it wants or what? I remember a certain time when i had a craving for chocolates, a very bad craving. I was obsessed with them and continuously ate it. But soon i came to know that if i kept eating chocolates at the rate i did then id end up growing wider and wider. So i made up my mind to stop eating them for a while. I controlled my mind everytime and surprisingly now i dont like them, i dislike chocolates and have lost interest for them.

Prompt 4

My heart and soul
In this control
Never gave up
Dived into the inner mind

Can be done
Only by you
Not anyone else's problem
Talking to your inner self
Remains the only way to
Overcome strong desires
Like craving for chocolates

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