Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthdays!!

What am i doing here when i am supposed to be studying and working out all those sums? Well i am here to do a dedication. Yeah its a happy birthday post. Today is a birthday day. Ive made a dedication to the two people who are close to me and whose birthday it is today.

To Judd, Judd has been an amazing friend to me. He writes so well that he inspires me. We share the same ambition and i heard he bakes lovely cookies. So on this day i wish him a Happy Birthday, may you have plenty more and hope u achieve what you desire! Here's a poem i wrote for you.

Online friendship so strong
Been friends with you since so long

Though only few months it seems

Forever does it mean
Friendship yours means true to me

Eternally i hope friends we'll be
On this special day of yours

I wish you a
Happy Birthday
May you remain as you are

Forever the light in everyone's eyes

Brightening up the day

Happy Birthday Again!

Today you turn sixteen! Sixteen is what ive always wanted to celebrate and i await that birthday as it is Sweet Sixteen! So make the most of today and happy bday once again!

Now coming to the next! It my cousin brother Nitesh! Well Nitesh is my favorite cousin and i love him loads. He is fun and all things nice. Here's a birthday dedication to him who also shares his birthday today!

To Nitesh,

I know you are not reading this as you dislike to read but i write this here because i want to. So here you go my poem for you

Fun you are
Exciting too
Your jokes and talks make me laugh

Seeing your face brightens my day

Talking to you brings a smile on my face

You are the best

That i can bet

Oh dear Nitesh

May you remain as cheerful and joyous forever

Happy Birthday my dear brother!

Now its time i go! Happy birthday to Judd and Nitesh once again!

PS: I miss you all so much! And also my dearest blog

PPS: My exams get over on July 30th so i will try blogging on that day!

PPPS: One more thing! I have decided i will do dedications and birthday posts like this every once in a while. So dont forget to leave your birth dates in the comment box. Drop it there and i will discover you then write a post on your birthday as my birthday gift to you!

Goodbye until next time!


  1. Wow! Thanks for the Birthday post, Sonshu. And Happy Birthday to all those celebrating their birthday today ^_^

  2. birthday wishes to all the three!!

    and sonshu, al the very best for ur exams.. :)


  3. Yay! Happy birthday to all those people! Now go ace those exams! You can do it!

  4. Happy birthday to Judd & Nitesh...

  5. Wishing a very happy birthday to everyone :-)

  6. Heyy. I like your blogg. check my blog out when you can. It's also teenage oriented.

  7. Many Many Happy returns of the Day to both of them :)

    Gud Luck for exam dear :)

  8. wow

    happy birthday to them

    and u got a very sweet blog...will keep dropping by

  9. @All: Thanks for the exam wishes....And i wished him!

  10. @Day Dreamer @ Abdiel: Thanks for visiting...Do drop in soon