Saturday, June 27, 2009

A goodbye...


Surprised by the title?

Yeah its a goodbye. For two reasons.

1. Michael Jackson- the pop god! Leaves us.
2. Just read on to know.

First i want to say a sad goodbye to MJ. I was always a fan of his dance moves and many of his songs. But never a HUGE fan. But he will always be remembered by us all. RIP MJ!

I know that was a small goodbye but i paid my tribute thru the Facebook Application!

Now coming to the second goodbye

Yes, i m leaving the blogging world for a while. A while in the sense a month or so. Why? Because i have my mid terms up and i just need to concentrate on those subjects more than i do on blogging. So im saying a goodbye to this dear space for a month. Of course i will miss you all but i have to study and this year is going to have many 1 month goodbyes like this.

But i promise that after March 2010 no more such goodbyes!

I might come on some saturdays and update for Acrostic for Teens but im very doubtful about it. If im not able to come by saturdays then I will come back and do all the acrostics i promise! And i will miss you guys too much!!

Since my friends are celebrating trademarks soon i will appear then and wish them as it will be unfair otherwise. So

Miss Sunshine

I will come for all ur 50th, 60th and 100th! I promise that too...

Twitter? What with that? i will update it once a while when im up here to mail check. And also you can keep in touch with me through mails and facebook.

There will be an acrostic i will post today for AfT later in the day but that would be my last post for 1 month! Im sure u'll see no updates of mine. Maybe even if a one or two line update. But for anyworks and poems or whatsoever it has to wait a month.

Until Next Time
Lots of hugs and kisses
Miss ya!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is a poem i wrote but i kinda made it a song. I gave it a tune and all. Its something which just flew into my mind. Nothing in particular inspired this piece.

Almost gave up on Love
All the pain
Time seems to be frozen
My hearts melting
Im going crazy but I'll keep on moving

I dont care what they say
I'm in love with you
They're all pulling me away
But im holding on
I keep breathing
even though im breathless

Come here
I cant hear the screams
someone's got to keep me from fallinf
I see you everywhere
Im going crazy
Is this because of love?

I dont care what they say
I'm in love with you
They're all pulling me away
But im holding on
I keep breathing
even though im breathless x2

You come and open your arms
that doesnt hep
It makes it harder to believe the truth
They dont understand this love
It makes me crazy

I dont care what they say
I'm in love with you
They're all pulling me away
But im holding on
I keep breathing
even though im breathless x2

Do comment and tell me how it was!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Her Hero....

I wrote this thing about a girl going gaga over a boy a few days back. Arun commented that its usually the opposite. To quote:

Usually its the boys who drool over the prettiest gal in class... roles reversed eh?

This kinda inspired me to rite this piece of literature. It is actually neither a poem nor a song. It is probably a Sonshu thing, something i just write- small sentences to display emotions ,to portray them.

Her Hero
He looked at her glowing face
It shone in the darkness of the theater

Her face was visible because of the movie lights

Tension built up

My hands burned with excitement
Just to touch her
To feel her soft hands

Excitement grew with every passing second
She turned and looked at me

My heartbeats increased
I was sure she could hear them
Tears in her eyes
The hero was dead
I wished i was the hero- dead now

At least she'd cry for me

I urged to wipe those tears

But before i could

The boy next to her held her hand

My best friend he was

She held him back

I knew our story was over
A story that didnt exist
A story that will never exist
She'd never be mine
I'd never be her hero...

Btw. I have started a new Blog called What Life Gives You. This blog is really different from the rest. Take a minute to check it out.

Friday, June 19, 2009

AfT- Hope

Today i am in a mood for acrostics so i am going to write two acrostics on Hope and ive put both here. Im submitting both over there too at Acrostic for teens!

Just yesterday i had a physics test which went very bad. i gave up hope, totally and i was so disheartened that after all the hard work it hurts when things go wrong. I had prepared myself to see only happy things, im always dreaming of happiness so when i get sad i am unable to take it. I learnt the answers of a different question paper while i had to answer a different one. I feel life has set something for you which no one is aware of, just take life how it comes and live it....

On this note here are the two acrostics on Hope which gave me Hope!

Attempt 1

Optimistic and
Attempt 2

Onto the
Power of
Everlasting belief in something

Also i want to thank Amias and Savannah and all the other judges of Acrostic Only for teens (17 and under) for considering my Father's Day acrostic worthy and giving me the best weekly acrostic for it.

Click on the image to read the acrostic

Look at Him...

There he was,
looking deep into my eyes,
as a thief stares at gold
So perfect
Eyes filled with mysteries
Like secrets to be revealed
Every girl looked at him differently
After all no one came close to this perfection,
Perfecter than Adonis
The crookedly sweet smile
A smile to die for
He was awaiting the answer to his question,
A question he asked no other girl but me
Oh I felt the luckiest person on earth
The words melted like butter from my mouth
"Sure you can borrow my pen" I said

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Soul Twins We Are

Yesterday in school we had a free period which we rarely get these days as teachers are waiting to grab free periods and begin teaching. Anyways, i wrote this THING on soul twins..You can call it a poem, a song, a lyric a whatever and even a THING!

Soul Twins We Are:

You and I
We were born at different times
Different places too
But we're just so same

We think alike
So similar
Becoz we're Soul Twins
Soul Twins we are

When you laughed it made me smile
Your tears made me cry
Your bruises hurt me....
Because we're soul twins

Soul Twins we are....
Soul Twins we remain!

We bound ourselves together
So they never break apart
And foverer we will be Soul Twins
Soul Twins We are...
Soul Twins we remain!

Before going..I changed my blog look since i was bored of it and Changes are good! This thing is so common is what you will say! But i say that it doesn't matter...what matters is that i liked it and also liked it because its black and blacks my favorite!..Doesnt it? I saw it..tried it on and fell in love with it so here it is!

Also i want to thank all those who i have recently received awards from: Artz, Leo, Rose, Prats and MsR! Thanks guys!!! Ive put all my awards on my showcase! (My sidebar)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Changes are Welcome

My class consisted of 37 people not only 5!

The first day of school was like no other
We were broken apart
No more jokes
No more fun
Thats what i thought....
I cried and cried
Like forever....

'Coz i missed the fun,
the attitude...
those were the days
we talked on the phone
sat next to each other...
but pulled each others tails too...
'becoz that's what friends do..

Soon i realized
There was no use of crying
'coz whats gone will never come back..
I learnt to live
with life how it is...
I smiled and faced everything...

Now i'm happy as a flower
On its blossom day
I kiss the skies
and hug the sun
welcoming each day new....

This i wrote after a few days of shuffling classes when i was broken apart from my friends...In the beginning i was upset but later i learnt to love the new class and im happy now. Though no other class can be as good as IX B' 08..I miss u guys now too...but the memories i will cherish...

Lesson learnt: Learn to be happy with what you have..i learnt to live with it..and it made me happy

Saturday, June 13, 2009

AfT: Happy Fathers Day and Time...

Those who didnt read PIXIE'S reply from me please visit here and tell me about how it was!

Hello folks...i was on a vacation for 4 days or so. So i couldnt come online but im back with a bang. I wrote two poems in the train. Will post it soon. Schools going to be hectic. Here is the acrostic poems for Acrostic Only for teens

Holding your hand
And guiding you
Proud to be a
Parent to some one like

Falling down with you
Taking the right path too
He smiles when you achieve your dream
Everlasting is his love
Relationships like this
Should remain even after our last breath

About a father like this is
You, and every other child....

And the next one is really important to all but really mean as it waits for no one of us. LOL!

This thing
Is one of the
Most important things in life but we just cant get
Enough of it....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reply from Pixie....

Read My Letter to the Pixie here: Link

Fndakgn Sonshu,

qonomoti poni ka sanfgjdhgl afnurl fgniioyp. Hnjngflamb ahdndx fkdnlhf, dgjdslkf abhsakjt. nahdnk ki hajsnfka dfgndl. aashgifuld adnklkirj asdopp askknlasf.

The whole letter was sent in pixie language. There was a translating machine attached. So here i have translated the whole letter for your convinence.

Dear Sonshu,

Nice to receive your letter. We pixies are glad to have you as our friend and we will surely answer all your questions. I will answer all your questions but in pixie languag. I have attached a translator which you can use to translate this letter.

Pixies are magical creatures. We live in Cornwall and Devonshire. But that is on the earth. Other than the earth we have our own huge land called pixieland in the clouds. The rain you people get is because we are washing and cleaning our houses. We have pointed ears as you must know and love to have fun. We pixies dance and sing a lot here too. Its our passion. We also love to play with children and often change forms to play with them. Also we have been naughty as you said and led many travellers astray. We originate cornish and are known since Victorian era. Many people say we lack fashion sense but we wear what we like.

We do have tiny houses and tiny everything as we are tiny ourselves. We are amazed by human behavior and love to watch you all. Currently we are living in the clouds. All us pixies would love to have you here with us for a day or two. Do come by sometime. I have sent a magical pixie necklace along. Just pull the wand a bit to call Pixie help desk and ask for me. I will come by and tell you how to come here.

Hoping to hear from you soon

Pixie Bye and love!
(Your magical friend)


Friday, June 5, 2009

A Letter To A Pixie....

Dear Pixie,

Hi! I am Sonshu. I hope you remember the other day when you sneaked into my house to meet me. That night was probably the best night of my life. I loved the amazing songs and the wonderful dance. Since then i haven't been able to get you out of my dream. Every night i saw you in my dreams, dancing and singing with me. The other day i didnt get to ask you all the questions i wanted to, as time didnt permit. I hope you won't mind me asking you such questions but since i am curious i wanted to know.

Do you have a pixieland? Many people say you do and i have read a lot about it. I see that you love to sing and dance, is this common or is it only you? Do tell me how you originated and everything about you that you. Do you have magical ways of doing everything? I have heard that you love to have fun and are very naughty. Shh...ive read that you lead travellers astray? Wow!!! Naughty people. What else do you like? What do you do in your land? How are the houses there? Are they the size of you?

I know i am asking too many questions but i really loved you coming home. So i thought i could ask you. And since you said that you were my friend. Thanks for coming home.

Awaiting your response...

(Your human friend)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Turning Princess

Turning Princess Is My new Blovel on Blovel spot. You can read it right here and do comment on it too. Its like a novel on the net. And it seemed fun so i gave it a try and came up with this story about Turning Princess. Anne is a tom boy. The story tells us how she turns from boyish girl to a girlish girl. How she becomes an amazing princess. But wait..does she find her prince charming? Read on...This tale of romance, comedy and just everything you need

Turning Princess

P.S: Im sure even guys will like it..Its not so girly..ill try not to make it!